Healing has been like riding a bumpy rollercoaster destined for the top of a mountain; as long as it’s generally moving upward I’m able to deal with its uncomfortable lurches and unexpected drops. Sometimes though, with my eyes focused on the summit, it’s easy to forget how far I’ve come — particularly when I find myself on a dip in the tracks.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been recovering from a herniated disc. My back didn’t hurt so much when the injury occurred; however, I noticed my toes started dancing on their own and my left leg was getting weaker and weaker. These were curious happenings, to say the least.

After months of visiting many different specialists including, but not limited to, a physiotherapist, two massage therapists, a chiropractor and even a craniosacral, I met a physio who got me walking without a cane and able to use stairs. Do you take doing your own laundry or groceries for granted? Now, I certainly don’t.

The back pain really hit when I began regaining my mobility. Part of it was due to my spine moving into alignment and also tight muscles, but the rest, well, that’s what I’m not completely sure about.  The pain mostly went away after about two months and now it’s back again with me not really understanding why. I’m trying to concentrate on my breathing and hoping that at least some of the returned discomfort is because my body is opening up after all the hours I’ve recently been spending on the Backhealer ball.

So, I’m in pain, and I feel like even going out for a walk today could cause me trouble.  Using the ball has released some of my tight muscles and made me feel better, but I have other things to do today that I unfortunately can’t accomplish lying on the floor. I might as well focus on what I can do that seemed impossible six months ago.

In addition to groceries and laundry, here are five of those things:

I can walk up a hill (which truly matters when you live on one, like me)

I have the confidence to go out to social events

I can sit down without feeling tingling in my feet (most of the time)

I’ve learned to smile through pain

I can cross my legs like a yogini



Jenna – A freelance journalist using the Backhealer method to recovery from a herniated disc.






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