One of our delightful Backhealer clients (who was discovering lots of pain in his body that day!) said something to the effect of, “If men were responsible for childbirth the human population would be non-existent”. The belief that woman have a higher pain tolerance than men is something I’ve heard many people express – especially new parents.

However, as a Backhealer apprentice who is diligently studying my “Job’s Body” by Deane Juhan I now understand that this isn’t true. Juhan quotes research that shows the threshold for the recognition of pain is nearly the same in all humans. For example, if you placed an instrument on a person’s skin that gradually increased in temperature, the degree at which they indicated pain would be consistent for men, woman, Inuit and Africans. However, the degree to which each person reacts to pain varies tremendously. Emotion, past experiences, states of attention, etc., can alter pain sensitivity.

This emotional reaction to pain is so influential that some of the most effective pain-relieving drugs (for example morphine) accomplish their effects not by acting upon the actual sensations of tissue damage – but upon the emotional, reactive centres of the brain.

Drugs are not the only means available for relieving pain. The Backhealer method trains our brains to respond to pain differently. How? By practicing calm, focused breathing while stimulating targeted areas with the Backhealer ball. This subtle movement and carefully selected yoga postures rewires the brain to respond pain-free. It sounds simple  – but it is highly effective.

This makes the Backhealer method a very empowering, self-care technique that anyone can learn.


Karen is a Backhealer Apprentice who is extremely grateful she discovered the Backhealer method to help her manage her scoliosis.

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