4 ADVANCE Core Strengthening Exercises | L4 L5 Disc Bulge Exercises | Dr Walter Salubro Chiropractor In Vaughan In this video, you will learn 4 great …


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  1. Hi. This is Bernard Etsey Kwadzo Segbefia from Ghana. Am a patient with L3, L4, L5 nd S1 issue. The main issue is at L4-L5 nd that is according to the MRI, disc protrusion. My questions are:
    1). What exercises are recommended for me?
    2). How long it take to heal completely?
    3). Is it likely to come back in the future?

  2. Hi 👋 I got disc bulge L4L5S1 been two months almost on medications still the numbness is still in my 🦶… can’t drive or sit on chair or car seat my leg n back hurts but I find third exercise dead bug easy to do others are painful so please do suggest what else I can do ? Thank you for the information

  3. Dr Walter Thanks for the nice video for Adv. core strength exercise L4-L5 disc bulge. Kindly advice the holding time for each pose say 1 m or 2 m min/max.

  4. Hi sir ! I'm from india and facing lower back pain for 4 years . I did everything like yoga, swimming walking and also took some treatment like ozone injections and radio frequency injection but didn't work so please sir would you like to see my MRI ? I'm in very bad pain please please please reply

  5. "with my L4 Bulge, how long will it be before I can sit down again?" (it's been exactly 7 days since it 'slipped', I'm working my inversion table everyday, and I just ordered joint support to try and spackle the thing shut…)

  6. Sir, why don't you make any video about disc bulge at cervical c6_c7 region

  7. Hello sir…I m suffering from disc bulge or herniation in l4 l5…sir I feel pain on my back when I doing exercises is it normal or something else…plz reply me Sir thanks.

  8. Thanks for exercises. I’m a little afraid of doing squats like this. Instead I’m gonna do squats with my back supported by a physio ball against the wall. Is it good idea to do so?

  9. Hi Doc, I’ve had 2 surgeries on my c verbi in my neck along with a metal plate. I suffer from muscle spams in my shoulder blades to the point I have terrible pain moving my head. I have very limited range of motion.
    In the past 2 years I’ve developed sciatica down my left leg. The first attack was crippling, I could crawl but not walk. Since then it comes and goes.
    I also have scoliosis which I just found out, I’m 60 yrs old and have suffered since I’ve been 19
    yrs old? I find that very odd.
    I’ve had multiple MRI’S exrays,
    I’ve been on this journey my entire life.
    I’ve been under chiropractor care, I’ve had PT, bio feed back taken muscle relaxers pain pills, I use the back buddy, to relax the spams, I use a Tens unit, I have a scoliosis brace.
    I was looking into a inversion table?
    I’m at the END of my rope with this pain, at times it’s debilitation.
    Would love to hear from you.
    God bless 🇺🇸

  10. I'm facing a problem with l3-l4, l4-l5, l5-s1, disc bulge please tell me sir complete exercise to do 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. Thank you so much sir. Life changing material here.

  12. L4l5 disc prolapse space is 4 cm and s1 partial sacralisation……can I do this exercise

  13. This four exercise is enough for back pain

  14. Hello my Best chiropractor Doctor ,I am in UAE and I have L4 L5 S1 disc bulge nerve being impinged against the nerve canal which is cauda equine and I have received epidural steroid injection but I still have radiation on my leg please help me with more exercises ,am currently following NHS core back and low back strengthening,please help me doctor salubro ,am taking nerve tablets ,vitamins and minerals ,pain killers which is part of protocol but I need more advise from you sir

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