Since our first video of Kaylee, we’ve gotten a lot of comments. Some positive and some negative. We understand that there are a lot of questions.


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  1. Is it good to do the Adam's test daily with schroth breathing as an exercise? Thank you

  2. Please sHare Ur email id I want to share my report and please assist me a exercise which I can do please a request

  3. Please tell me, if Kylee treated by Schroth excersie only or in addition to brace?????

  4. Can I use it if I had scoliosis surgery before?

  5. Can I use it if I had scoliosis surgery before?

  6. @celiniebean

    The schroth book will tell you how to do it but not for your exact curve you may do it wrong affecting the curve in a negative way i suggest making an appointment to see a schroth certified doctor such as Dr. Deutchman he works with my doctor who does clear, spinecore bracing, schroth, and so many more methods that will be successful in treating a curve such as yours

  7. @LaurenAlexandra711

    It really takes a lot of practice and tightening the right muscles:))

  8. I was dignosed with scoliosis and NF when I was 4. I had the surgery when i was 7. (hours of it. I had to stay in the hospital 4 a week in a half. I remmeber doing the breathing exercises. I still have trouble breathing sometimes but its a work in progress. I am 15 almst 16 now.

  9. I got rid of my Scoliosis at 38 without surgery using a Theraflex Machine see also
    Search you tube for mjYU_fWhjU4 – a me having a session. My back used to disappear behind my shoulder blade and a few sessions it’s visible along the whole back. Before and after photos on my Facebook.
    Have a look, I think if they did this with the Schroth Method you could do it quicker, cheaper better and get more people helped

  10. how do you inflate just one lung? I just spent $75 to order the Schroth book that was written years ago, hopefully it will tell me how!

  11. is that possible to do with structural scoliosis? and how do you inflate just one lung?? i am mesmerized!! lol

  12. actually im going to be doing this exercising FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE AND IM PROUD OF IT:) im going to college in 3 years to become a chiropractic scoliosis specialist thank you for your opinion but i love what im doing right now:) And even when my back was very bad, People would try to straigten me while i was heavily asleep and they could not. I respect your opinion:) i used to think of chiropractic the same way you do but it really works and i wish everyone would just accept it

  13. so you are calling me non structural but calling thousands of other curves like mine "normal?"

  14. hey this is kaylee the "miracle" case! Yes curves have been reduced that much with clear method but not in a month. There are many things that can contribute to a change like this such as the growth plates not being closed, how much the curve has lodged into the body, and how flexible their spines still are. My curve wasnt exactly "normal" but as i now read there are many curves just like mine that go through surgery! So people can call them normal but not me cuz i chose chiropractic?

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