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  1. Working on the orchards picking apricot, orchard work is definitely the worse

  2. Can anyone post a link to the entire podcast please?

  3. Watching this made my day. Currently, have sciatica.

  4. 😂😂😂 I've been in construction for 19 years, 8 on my own. Listening to you guys talk about it makes me think you're both pussies, not to mention I still lift weights at night…. Jesus. Grow some fucken balls

  5. They sounded like a pair've lazy bastards, but they're right, up till a certain age you can only stick labouring jobs (I've had my share), its the reason why if you stick with those kinda jobs you should ideally be moving up the ladder by your 30s and get more power to boss around the younger guys to be the lackys and goffers.

  6. Hi Guys,

    I am stuck.. I have a 9-5 job as an engineer which I do not like. I'm sick of people telling me a 'job is a job' and just suck it up, and it'll get better. It hasn't. I go to bed every sunday dreading the next morning and I sit in my car most mornings, before going into work, not wanting to show up and have shit small talk with colleagues and hide the fact that I hate this job, and everyone in it!

    Now i've started a side hustle. It's been going well and i'm earning about triple my salary every month. It's building and it's just about sustainable with my current 9-5. BUT if i go full time on this side hustle, I will have more time to focus and build this job. It's a online personal training business called Compose LTD (composelimited.com) I'm really enjoying helping people through this business and i'm a completely happier outside of my 9-5 and working on Compose.

    I also have the disappointment from my mother (who works at the same 9-5 company with me as an accountant) and she wants me to be safe. She wants me to have a steady income and not take the risk of going full time with Compose. I think I should hand in my notice at my 9-5. Take my loss of my salary (£1600 a month) and also a MAC they have given me. And just work on Compose for the rest of my life. It makes me happy and it's something I've found a passion for and I am changing so many people's lives with this.

    Just wanted to know all your thoughts on my situation and what you all would do!


  7. “I got his chamber I float in.” Bill making fun of Joe.

  8. Construction is for tools. I worked in manual labor for 2 years from the ages of 18-20 while i was in University studying (still am). Worse job ive ever had. But the money was good. So i stuck around for awhile.

  9. Lifting concrete bags is also an art. You see people get very injured after a few years if they don't have the correct form.

  10. imagine Bill and Joe ordering around 18-21 year old kids to do construction, that shit is a sitcom waiting to happen

  11. Bill's story around the 2 minute mark hits waaaay too close to home. So glad I don't work those kinda jobs anymore.

  12. Both of my favorite comedians and podcasts! Boston pride 👍

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