Good Vibrations

The dynamic process of using rhythmic pulses for healing. Doctors have relied on electricity to speed up the healing of soft tissue and bone, and in some cases to unite fractures, for decades. ElectroMedicine is not new. Human beings have been using it since ancient times; from electricity (lightning), magnesium (loadstone), the sun (infrared and ultraviolet), static electricity (friction), and…


Appointment Policies

Our goal is to provide quality physical therapy and classes in a timely manner. As we are a small business; space and time is limited. In order to provide excellent service and access to appointments the Backhealer has had to implement an appointment/cancellation policy. The policy enables us to better utilize available appointments for our clients in need of physical care and healing.…


Back pain and connective tissue

“Connective tissue wraps virtually every other tissue formation in our bodies. If everything else were removed, the network of empty connective tissue compartments would preserve our physical forms in detail.”  ~ Deane Juhan, "Job’s Body" We are, in fact, mostly water. Did you know that every organ and system in the body supports in some way, containment, renewal, and the…


Heal your back energetically

Back pain is the No. 2 reson people see their doctor. Integrative Energy Healing is an evidence-based healing modality. Scientists are still researching ways to measure energy healing but there is no doubt to its effectiveness as energy healing is now seen in many hospitals in Canada, US and around the world. Daytime TV’s favourite Dr Oz, supports and promotes…


Back pain interview with Dr. Cory Holly

Dr. Cory Holly is the Founder & President of the Cory Holly Institute (CHI). Dr. Holly completed his Doctor of Naturopathy degree at Clayton College of Natural Health in 1992. He studied exercise physiologyand biochemistry at Western Washington University and apprenticed at the Colgan Institute of Nutritional Science. Dr. Holly specializes in product formulation, dietary analysis and exercise management. He…


Pelvic wall – 1st muscles to contract when inhaling

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