1).  Coffee is acidic. It is the acid in our muscles that creates pain for us and an increase in the amounts of acids may makes it difficult for us to remove.

2).  Coffee is dehydrating by interfering with our body’s ability to use water. It is also a diuretic meaning it causes the body to lose water. When we are dehydrated our muscles do not glide properly over one another and all cells of our bodies do not function correctly. We are 70% water for a reason.

3).  Coffee it is often accompanied by milk and sugar, which are not healthy.

4) . Coffee increases our blood pressure which may damage blood vessels decreasing much needed nutrition to the areas that need healing.

5). Coffee elevates the stress hormones cortisol, epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) and norepinephrine. (Robertson et al, 1978) (Lane et al, 1990) (Kerr, 1993) (Lane et al, 2002). These stress hormones increase the fight and flight response in our bodies increasing muscle tone and causing pain. Long term cortisol elevation causes flattening out of the cell wall causing more stickiness and less function in our bodies.

6). Coffee increases our cholesterol levels which decrease the amount of space in our blood vessels making our heart pump harder to get the blood to flow. This can lead to heart disease.

7). Coffee takes a long time to deteriorate in the body – twelve hours after consumption, the body still contains one-eighth of the original amount of caffeine. With regular consumption, these long-lasting effects could increase the risk of heart disease.

8). Coffee messes with our insulin thus causing unstable blood sugar levels. These unstable blood sugar levels cause more stress on the body.

9). Coffee is addictive and we may experience severe withdrawal symptoms if we try to decrease it or quit altogether.

10). Coffee depletes the levels of B-vitamins in your bodies which increase energy and reduce stress.

We may want to rethink our morning coffee habits if we want to live stress and pain free lives. Comments?


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    1. Switch Phenomenon is one of the 7 principles of Environmental Medicine. Basically, while all the “symptoms” a proesn may experience can be attributed to an “environmental triggered illness”, the target organ may switch from one to another. For example, an asthmatic proesn may also have irritable bowel syndrome. So, one aspect of the disease may be active while the other is lying dormanat and vice versa. The symptoms (asthma, IBS symptoms) are of secondary The primary is to find the cause.

      1. Cool! You can comment now!Great class, and the taste-o-vision idea is awmeose! You could go totally Wonka and give us golden tickets and whichever one was pure and true gets to win your cafe at the end!

  1. caffeine and coffee in particular causes a lot of pain and misery in this world, i rank it the worse drug there is, even worse than alcohol in some ways

    1. @temy. What a preposterous and totally baseless statement. Yes, drinking coffee is worse than snorting meth. Thanks for contributing to the internet.

      1. Is it coffee or is it caffeine? There is a difference between the two, since you could drink decaf coffee, and lots of tea can have as much caffeine as coffee can. Too much of anything is bad for you, and loading a coffee up with sugary syrups is certainly not good either, but I think there are some points in this list I have problems with..it’s a little biased/one sided. But, you should watch your daily caffeine intake, definitely! Once you find out how many things have caffeine in it you’d be surprised how easy it is to add up (like salt, it is in many things).
        In Canada though it’s easier to spot the caffeine in soda drinks, as you’re not allowed to put Caffeine in anything other than dark coloured ones (rootbeer, cola) without labelling it a “health product” (kind of illogical thinking). So Mountain Dew is an energy drink in the US but not Canada, etc..

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