IFBB PRO Ahmad Ashkanani dealing with back pain and shoulder pain recruits Dr Beau Filmed and edited by Ali Haidar …


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  1. You guys are talking about the camera man but you see the body builder and his fake ass jaw line lmao I was rolling when I saw this

  2. Seemsss. Ugly… Muscles really needs to be stretch up… This guy is like a ROBOT.. hehehe.

    Lets use a NEEDLE..and amm pop up some muscle balloon? 🎈😁😁

  3. Yoo breathe man 😂

  4. Michelangelo esculpindo uma estátua… cara vc é fera!!!

  5. Is he holding the camera with his nose?

  6. Ahmed ashkanani is a mr olympia competitor and his body not flexible cause he don't do stretching for his young age and that's a big problem to any bodybuilder.

  7. I dunno guys, something tells me this guy might be on steroids, what do you think? o.O

  8. oh mann, that monstrous steroid meat

  9. 6:43 So Dr. Beau is an aggressive big spoon snuggler apparently lol.

  10. Too much pharmacy in one room and in the same time detected!!! Wuuuu wuuuuuu wuuuu!!! I repeat: Too much pharmacy in one room and in the same time detected!!! Wuuuuu wuuuuu wuuuuu!!!!

  11. Look at this fucking roid turkey and his mate who can barely fucking breath.

  12. What a body! Must be like a dream to work with him like this and be able to have such a close look!!!!!

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