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  1. Sir, i hv L5-S1 disc bulge causing thecal sac protrusion and i m unable to sleep eitherside or sitdown for 5 minutes , Doctors say that ur problem is not big but it had got aggravated because of sacro fibromyalgia ,
    Will be humbled to know ur valubale inputs vis-a-vis my problem ….?

  2. Hi Jeff, my MRI reports reads as "l4-5 disc desiccation seen . There is broad based posterior disc protrusion indenting the thecal sac causing bilateral moderate neural foraminal narrowing. " Please advice treatment

  3. Hello Jeff,
    Can I go to gym and boxing class after getting rid of lower backpain ? I've taken an lumbar epudrial steroid injection and now I don't have any pain. Many people say that, I should neither lift weights nor go to gym, which is really bothering me a lot. Will I able to lift weights and practise boxing ?

    Please help me sir. Any insight will be much appreciated

  4. Really thankful
    Do you mind showing how you give treatment
    how treatment works further
    Thanks is Not enough to you if show that treatment

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