What provides the structure in your body? Is it the bones or muscle? I suspect that most people (like me) would guess the bones. In fact it is the muscles. They use the cables and levers of the ligaments, tendons and the bones to suspend the limbs and organs in an erect, weight-bearing form.

When general anaesthetic is administered to patients all muscles loosen to the point that special care must be taken in moving the patient because the spine and limbs can dislocate. Especially interesting is that this happens NO MATTER THE AGE of the patient – even formerly very stiff, elderly patients.

Muscle tone and reflex responsiveness create our posture and movement. Habitual movement reinforces what is easy and comfortable, or difficult and painful. Think of someone who spends most of their waking hours at a computer versus a yoga instructor. Even emotional states can become visible in the body. Chronic anxiety will cause a tightening of all the muscles.

Thankfully, we can learn to recognize and avoid destructive habits that restrict our movements. The Backhealer technique does this by increasing our awareness of our bodies. It teaches us how to consciously release contracted muscles so we develop the physical flexibility to constantly adapt our bodies.


Karen is a Backhealer Apprentice who is extremely grateful she discovered the Backhealer method to help her manage her scoliosis.


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Pelvic wall – 1st muscles to contract when inhaling

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