Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day! No surprises occurred in traffic & had arrived with minutes to spare. Great start to the class.

Savasana revealed low back tension.  It is most likely related to all the bike riding we’ve been doing lately. Last summer I would be suffering major discomfort mid-ride! Whereas this summer I’m only noticing it as mild tension days later. The major difference between this summer & last is the ballwork at Backhealer I’ve been doing since the end of April. Not only is my core a lot more flexible this summer, it is a lot stronger. Ah! Betcha that is why the bike rides have been a lot more fun for me this year, too!

Elected to work on the mid to low back, then hips and then just under the hips into the gluteus max. Definite hot spots. Felt so good to release. It used to be all about chasing the BURN & now it is about the release. The ballwork is re-writing a core part of my modus operandi. Yep, less juggling, chasing, managing & controlling and more noticing, trusting & letting go.

Had some time to do a shoulders/traps tune-up. Then in pursuit of an intangible spot on the front of my shoulder, Aeo suggested using the red ball on my pecs. So, on my belly with the red ball at the edge of my armpit and moving that same arm like the hand of a clock to search out the contracted areas. He said this is a common trouble spot if you have forward rounded shoulders. That’s me! My art teacher points it out all the time!

I had just enough time to close with warrior. Got to remember to push down through the heels & keep my shoulders down. Getting easier!



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