What a class! Just got right into the zone. Savasana and check-in revealed left mid-back tension. Otherwise, real good. Started in psoasland with the black ball to where the leg joins the hip socket – then did a 6” jump down the leg to the adductor for a surprise attack. Holy hot spot, Batman.

Then learned a new position: laying on the ball with my right side and upper body braced by my right arm (positioned perpendicular to my body). The right leg was flat on the floor & the top/left leg knee was bent so the left foot could be flat at hip level (& perpendicular to the body) on the floor. Hmmnm. Hard to describe! Left arm supports as needed.

This works the Tensor Fasciae Latae area. About 4“ long area  (you can feel it!) and then if you roll forward on the ball slowly can find more spots on the adjacent quad muscle. OOOHh! Did the right side with the black ball & the left with the red ball to compare. Red one was way more intense.

Then toured the mid-back up to the traps with little visits to the shoulders. Next thing you know it is time for savasana. Because Aeo is going to get me to do more yoga in class… no more excuses as to what to do at home. Each yoga pose blended into the next and discovered my tight hamstrings make some of these a real challenge.  Note for home practice: work those hamstrings!

The quads on the right side were super strained during one pose in particular and Aeo thought that might have to do with using the black ball for that side’s TFL/quad workout. That the red ball may be intense but it really can make a difference in how much the muscle releases. Will experiment some more with that.

Oh, and discovered a new band to checkout on iTunes (called XX) – great music to do ballwork to!



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