Felt a little off my game today. Was so glad to be in class and focus on the ballwork. Steve suggested that my mid-back tension was related to tension held in my iliacus muscles. (A little side note: I find it really cool to Google these muscles & see what they look like. It helps me visualize when releasing with the breath.)

Got right to work in savasana – visualized opening  the hip bones – the ol’ butterfly move – more and more with each breath out.

Wow – hadn’t worked on this area in a long time. Stuck close to the hip bone curve with the black ball all the way down to the top of the adductors. Took my time, too. When both sides were complete, took the red ball out and worked the sides and back of the hip bones. Tender and down right sore at points. Mama!

The upper body work was very specific: 2-3 inches from the mid-back start point and upwards. Yowsa, it was sore there!

Steve always zeros in. He’s like a walking, talking red ball!

Today’s equation was: ball + iliacus + hips + mid-back + breath = relief.

A new yoga pose, too. A seated side-over twist. I remember doing something like this many moons ago in yoga class when I was young and flexy. What a great stretch of all the areas I had just worked! Intense and GOOD.

At the end of class, could definitely feel a difference in my hips – like they had flattened and turned outwards. It’s all GOOD. (such an underrated word!)



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