Home Practice. Started in savasana. Blew my mind! My breathwork has been stuck between 16 -22 counts (in & then out) for AGES – and all of a sudden it’s 30! Had to do it again because I couldn’t believe it. And there is was. I didn’t think it was possible you know. For me. That inner skeptic!

Since the right shoulder was bothering me again, I thought the ballwork focus should go “Back to Basics”. Time for a tour around psoasland and to see what comes up.

Very tender – everything feels tender lately. Maybe need to do a coconut oil soak and look at my diet. Is it due to high acidity? Or maybe everything is just waking up?

Got some washes of heat down the left leg. The psoas work just naturally suggested more inner thigh work.

And then the black ball for upper back & shoulders. Noticed hot spots at the wingbone and where the shoulder/trap connects.

So, when I laid back down again in savasana – I felt all ironed out. Nice. Got to 32 on the breath.

It felt like my head needed to be ironed out! So, closed with the side cross-over stretch for the shoulder (& everything!) and that other one that always seems to stretch out my neck/head – ya, Rabbit. And threw in Camel because it’s been too long! Aaaahhh….



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