Full house today and everyone seems to be in quirky spirits… sign of fun to come! In savasana at the beginning of class, Steve suggested to those of us who have been there for awhile to focus on releasing with the breath. To see if one can release areas that hold tension solely with your breath. (BEFORE the ballwork!) To relax your body more and more completely into the floor when exhaling… slooooowwly. Wasn’t sure if the “been here awhile” applied to me, but gave it a whirl.

I pictured my body like cake batter oozing into the floor And after focused breathing and releasing into the floor — it did seem like the tension I originally felt in my upper back had released. Wow. Then there was tension in my lower back! My body feels like a pinball machine game these days with the ballwork – just release one area and it lights up somewhere else! Ding, ding! Release that one and then it’s off and shoots diagonally to another part of the body!

Oh, I digress… the point is that the concept of releasing tension held in the body with solely the breath is totally cool. And I’m going to run with that!

The focus today with the ballwork was the inner leg and decided to dedicate the whole class to it… lots of time on each point. Concentrating on the release. The intensity increased as moved down the leg from the top of the inner thigh towards the knee.

And in the throes of it, Steve commented, “Gotta love those adductors!” Oh, that’s what they are called. On the left side at the knee it was 9/10. For sure.

A cohort was in a lot of discomfort in one position and Steve suggested they go into savasana to breathe & release. He said something close to this: “To change our response to pain and painful things – learn to not respond to it.”  Recognize it. But don’t engage with it in that form. Change our response to it. Release the pain. Wow. That totally resonates. Wow.

Just a little time left over after that and did some focused work on the traps. The left shoulder/trap connection was much tighter, with more restricted arm motion compared to the right.

Closed with the side cross-over stretch, downward dog and pigeon. In downward dog, needed to point my toes in a bit and position my fingers wider and keep hands shoulder width apart. Chest down. Hips back. Push strong from the hands. Getting better!



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  1. Hiya, I’m really glad I’ve found this inifmratoon. Nowadays bloggers publish only about gossips and web and this is actually annoying. A good web site with exciting content, this is what I need. Thanks for keeping this website, I will be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Cant find it.

    1. There definitely is a ton of info on this website! My “Experiences in Back Pain” is a teeny, tiny part of it. If there is information in particular you are searching for — Steve is the one to ask!

    2. Sabitha, We are starting to do newsletters would you like to receive them?

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