Home practice. Mid-back has been twinging a bit so I hit the mat to work it out. Lots of contracted areas going down from there and upwards, too! Pops and gurgles galore.

Had been doing lots of movement the last couple of days that I am not used to and this is probably why it was so stiff. Felt remarkably better after a good black ball workout!

Found a hot, hot spot at the top of the wingbone with my arm (on the same side) extended over my head. Stayed there for a long, long time with my head on a bolster at first. Then my head off the bolster for the fullest extension possible around the big ball. Breathe and release. Aaahhh! Will try to do this move again today!

Breathing – still got to 30+ so it wasn’t a fluke occurrence! And just saw a note on my desk to intentionally add JOY at least 10 minutes/day – like an ingredient in a “recipe for the day”. That’s what the breathwork and ballwork do for me: get me to stop multi-tasking, practice focus and mindfulness.

I always get an added energy boost and it literally makes room in my body for adding JOY. Oh, and for this yummy chocolate quinoa cake I’m enjoying as I type this up! Happy, Happy. Joy, Joy.



Yvonne – A prairie raised renaissance woman with a passion for expansion. Planning to live to 92, so smack in the middle of things and taking action.


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  1. Yvonne – Hi Jaime, Dennis and Hardy,Sam and I absolutely LOVE the piurctes. Thank you so, so much for being a part of our special day! You guys ROCK!

    1. The credit for the pictures all goes to Steve! I always look forward to seeing what pic he matches up with the post!

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Pelvic wall – 1st muscles to contract when inhaling

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