The goal today was to block out a good hour plus for home practice. And the area of focus was the mid-back on the right side. It was bugging me. And using the black ball in this area was such a big hit from yesterday’s class that I had to do it again!

I noticed after the class that my torso felt lengthened. Not only that — the way I walk, sit & stand felt different from before. The way I walk felt more organic with a more fluid gait.

Is this possibly a result of the new black ball work or am I just paying more attention? Probably both.

Oooh! Experienced lots of little popping sounds along the lower spine. And tummy gurgling. Not sure if the gurgling is connected but the spine is definitely getting more flexible.

Oh! And I went to a concert at the Jazz Fest (love live music & go to a lot of events throughout the year) and I noticed a significant difference in my stamina.

Stamina for the standing & leaning you do before & between acts especially… and I’m chalking it up to the Backhealer method. I am usually pretty tuckered out physically after a long show & sore from compensating for a lack of core stability and flexibility. This is a logical but unexpected perk!

Lots of live music coming up this summer/fall & I’ll be more ready than ever.



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  1. Just to follow up on the up-date of this topic on your web-site and want to let you know how much I przeid the time you took to produce this beneficial post. In the post, you really spoke of how to seriously handle this thing with all comfort. It would be my own pleasure to build up some more tips from your website and come up to offer other folks what I learned from you. Thanks for your usual wonderful effort.

    1. You are welcome! Am trying to understand the many powers of ball work and breath work — and listening to my body this way sure feels right. Thanks for letting me know I have a kindred spirit out there!

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