Oh, it was so good to be back in a class. Was practically purring.

Just returned from a trek to San Francisco for a music festival. Took the black ball with me as I couldn’t imagine a week without it. Rented bikes & trekked along the seawall to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge – really used my newly expanded lungs when going against the wind. Hard going but I made it. Am not a very good cyclist, but I can finally breath.

My body was actually pretty good after the trip.Wicked headache at check-in though.  Class was led by Karen (one of the latest Backhealer Trainer Inductees ) and she was great!

The top of my psoas and the end of my adductors were the HOT spots today. And my traps were singing soprano! Fall is definitely here and I felt my body yearning for the good ol’ days of summer. Ball work = blood flow = warmth! Oh, and that headache magically disappeared, too.

On the way home caught an interview on the radio with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was talking about how ever since he was a kid, he has INTENSELY visualized his goals – each step of the way. When I first started the Backhealer method that was very helpful to me, too. I liked to study the body maps on the studio wall and google the muscle groups for images.

And while breathing in savasana, I would latch onto any visual the instructor gave us — like a balloon expanding on the inhale and in the exhale the sides of the balloon getting closer and closer til there was nothing between them.

I want to try picturing each muscle group I am working on as long, relaxed strands. No contraction. No tension.  Everything released that can be released. Energy flowing freely. Wow, it looks beautiful!



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Pelvic wall – 1st muscles to contract when inhaling

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