Came to class with knee pain which was totally new for me. Top inner corner of my kneecap. I could feel tension/contraction all along the inner thigh. A couple of days ago I wore an “oh, so pretty” pair of shoes to do lots of walking. They were a perfect complement to my outfit but provided no support. In fact I had to buy a box of bandaids ½ way to my destination for the blisters. I knew right away that these shoes were a poor choice!

So, now – 5 days later — I have the repercussions to deal with. Steve suggested doing the ballwork right away next time. (Instead of ignoring it for days.) If I had addressed it right away it wouldn’t have affected my SI joint and hip placement. Knee pain results from hips that are turned inward. The knee problem didn’t show up right away and could totally have been prevented. Well, now I know how to prevent it.

A knee pain fix: Black ball on the belly to open up the hips. This included psoas, hips, iliacus and adductors all the way down to the knee. Steve next suggested hamstring work. Then I did some TFL. Then it was yoga time: Wide leg Forward Bend with knees locked and upper back reaching upwards. This really stretched the backs of my legs and knees.

Ballwork on the S. I. joint was next. Ow!! Did some gentle knee to chest bends after that released. Then Cobbler pose (laying down) and Prone Side-Over Stretches  for both sides. Loud and clear that one.

The ballwork was all dedicated to the left side, so could really feel the difference between the left & rights sides of my body when doing the yoga. My right side was totally jealous! It was amazing how much more grounded I felt after all that.

This whole knee problem stemmed from not listening to my body. My body was telling me my shoes had created an imbalance and I ignored it. Sorry body!



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  1. Technically well-done visually paeislng. Ms. Porter’s theory is similar to current concepts in certain physical rehabilitation circles, e.g., Prague School. See International Society of Clinical Rehabilitation Specialists site. I would like to see evidence for her claims about spine health in underdeveloped countries. The x-ray, purportedly of an infant, is actually a mature adult’s. The spine is not self-supporting. It would collapse without muscular support. (Posted by a D.C.)

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