Check-in revealed left side mid-back tension. Just back from a road trip & hotel bed challenges – so could have been worse!

Very similar ball work to the week before, actually. I know longer see that as a negative or a problem. It just says to me that it’s time to listen to my body more than my brain’s expectations of where I should be. And be patient.

Trip Plan: Psoas to hip level then moved to the side, around the hip bone & down the iliacus. In a timely manner (ie. not relaxed and slow about it).

Switched to the red ball and took the route up from the mid-back to the traps & onto the shoulders. Ahhhh! Then savasana. And yoga! Rabbit for a delicious upper back stretch, Cobra and Child’s – twice

Savasana was recommended again to release any tension caused by the yoga. My breath count is in the 40’s now. Melt city.

In class, we talked about “what you want to do with your life” (the younger set) and “what you want to do with your time”  as in a lack of it (the older set).

Time: a topic I am obsessed with right now and I guess that shows which “set” I belong to!



Yvonne – A prairie raised renaissance woman with a passion for expansion. Planning to live to 92, so smack in the middle of things and taking action.


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Pelvic wall – 1st muscles to contract when inhaling

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