Wow, was I exhausted when I got to class this morn. It was supposed to be an active but laid-back weekend with lots of fun parties to attend. Turned into a Murphy’s Law Extravaganza! Ever feel like your life would make a great TV sit-com?

As a result, I did not fit any ball work in for the last 3 days. Longest I’ve gone since I started @ Backhealer. I did practice the breathing until yesterday. I was so overwhelmed that I totally forgot.  Forgot how much it helps.

Tired but oh, so happy to be in class & participate in a controlled & calm environment.

My right hip was the first player up & worked it good. Since I was on my back, could play with my bent knee – like a toggle stick on a computer game – to change the angle of the ball. Great results. At one point did kind of a chest lift/pelvic bone tilt to get at one specific point on the hip. Not sure where I got the idea to do this! My body just led the way? It seems to be working for me though.

2nd star player was the left shoulder. Started just below the mid-back and went all the way up, around the wing bone and around the other way, up to the traps then down & on my side to that really sensitive spot next to the arm pit. Don’t know what it is called but it is definitely there! All this shoulder work was with the black ball and it gave a whole new dimension compared to the red one. It seemed to really open up my chest.

Didn’t find the black ball as intense as the red one but it was certainly working my back. I can still feel the “space” it created… feels like that side was ironed out. And it may be the sunshine pouring in the windows but I definitely felt energized working with the ball this way.

Changing the angle of my arm (on the same side working on) and changing the direction of my face/head sometimes created small changes in the angle of the ball beneath. It’s fun to experiment!

Such a great class. Oh, and one thing we talked about was the benefits of pain. Not in a 50 shades way – but in a very pragmatic way. How pain shows your brain where to send more blood flow. It’s an integral cog in the self-healing system. Cool, hey?!


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  1. I was looking up pitnaas and came across your post. This is such a great idea-thanks for sharing! I would love if you could tell me more because I would love to do this for my son’s 1 year birthday in August. Does the lady who made it sell them? What materials was it made from? Thanks so much!

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Pelvic wall – 1st muscles to contract when inhaling

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