It’s been slightly over 2 years since I’ve posted my first youtube video to youtube and I thought I’d do a review video of the journey that I’ve been through since …


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  1. So happy and relieved to know about you.
    I had disc protusion since 2015 and since then i dropped everything related to exercises, gained weight. I loved to run back then and i never got to do that again without having a lot of pain.
    Last year i started physiotherapy and it helped a LOT with my back pain, which encouraged me to get back to physical exercises. I started crossfit a couple pf month ago and fell in love with it. I’ve been training regularly and my back is great, but i had a special fear with deadlift.
    I’m happy to know that like you i can face it and succeed! Thank you very much!

  2. can someone comment below the short detail how he healed his herniated disk? his youtube video told a whole life story lol

  3. Dude where not interested to ur academic achievements. We want advice of how to alleviate pain and tips to recovery…duh

  4. Man shut the hell up about your honors . Get to the damn point n show people how to get better you goon. Fuckkkkk

  5. hi, i twisted my thoracic spine and it is been 7 months. I am doing rehab exercises and getting adjusted, but not making any progress. Do you have any suggestions for me

  6. Awesome video bro…. this has exactly been my journey. Though I have not done weight training. I injured my back by overdoing abs exercise . Ever since I have not been to the gym . I just walk and swim to maintain weight. What do you suggest me if I want to start weights. A normal gym coach or a PT what do you recommend for learning weight training ?

  7. man l ve 3 herniated disc… the l3 ,l4 and l 5… sometimes it kilss me l forget to live because of it. if you can help to do something l ll be happy

  8. Dear brother I made a huge mistake lifted out of my ego & slipped my L5-S1 & its touching my S1 nerve & the pain is going on my left leg ……… People saying my life is over & so I completely broke down emotionally but today after seeing your journey I am feeling motivated ………. Me & you are almost of the same age so guess I may recover too……….. Thanks for making this excellent video my friend …………. God bless you

  9. Definitely open your own gym. Almost everyone has back pain you would clean up.

  10. I’ve had lower back pain/sciatica (DDD) for over 4 years due to deadlifting. I wasn’t lifting heavy at all, could this injury be due to the fact that I have a pre-existing condition? I’ve already had a surgery and still have pain.

  11. I have a bulge at L4-L5, i may need an artificial disc replacement as it's been nearly 18 months since this began. Oddly, light trap bar deadlifts with the strictest form is helping me, not curing me, but the stability it's providing without flaring my symptoms is helpful. I'm hoping that if I have an artificial disc replacement that I can get back to lifting to a somewhat heavy weight, as inactivity is the WORST thing for spine health. I've tried physio, medications, neuro said no to the injections as they aren't a fix, and I've tried to wait it out… so ready for this nightmare to end. I have zero problems elsewhere, no disc height loss, no disc water loss, just a bulge… my spinal canal is slightly narrower than the average joe, so any abnormalities are easily symptomatic for me. What is your knowledge about people returning to max effort after an operation? I have a positive mindset, I don't drink, smoke, I'm still active and very healthy… just want that part of me back that allows me to run, box and deadlift.

  12. YOUTUBE THIS ….  How to Cure Back Pain and Sciatica by Spinal Recovery 2018

  13. Having a back injury robs you of your passions and dreams. I used to lift weights and box 🥊, but since my injury I haven’t been able to box at my full potential, eventually I just stopped because my injury would relapse. It’s very depressing because it gets in the way of work, and you need to work to eat,pay bills,rent etc. I really hope this gets better, as I have been suffering for about 10 years.

  14. sometimes i think how i spend two years with pain

  15. i suffered two years during my master studies .and very scared about my future.iam feared of disability.my age is 25 years

  16. Hi bro , I am also suffering from same problem( just 19 age old). Herniated disc on c4-C5, C5-C6, C6-C7 & L5-S1. So, please tell me how did you fix it ? Will disc buldge heal completely? Can I go to gym again ? Thanks mate

  17. I enjoyed your video, but I would have liked to have seen more of what you did to help your back and less about your degrees. How old were you in 2015? Age makes a big difference in recovery, and I also had a bad disc and walking was impossible let alone any type of deadlift would have been out of the question and still is. Squatting body weight while holding onto a sink is about the closest I can come. Had to have a microdiscectomy to finally relieve the nerve pain. Still not even close to 60%, had another MRI and doctors don't want to do anything other than prescribe drugs or wait until the disc ruptures again. I guess if I was a professional golfer they would take me seriously. Most people know their bodies and doctors should consider this when trying to help, but you make a good point in your video that everyone needs to find out what works for them. My next step will be either CBD Oil or TRT. People who have what I call "real sciatic pain" know the difference between aches and what it's like to crawl around your house, or stop after 10 steps and have to sit just to make it into work or your car. I don't wish this upon anyone. If I could go back and talk to myself at 30 years old, I would tell myself to stay away from heavy weights, heavy lifts, deadlifts, and squats unless you are getting paid to be strong, like a professional athlete or something, in the long run you do more damage than good, and when you get to 50 you start paying the price.

  18. Very inspiring. So do you still suffer any kind of sciatic pain or stiffness? Or is it completely cured? I injured my back almost a year ago now, it got better through physiotherapy, doing exercises and going to the pool but Ive reached a plateau in my recovery and I can no longer improve. Is there any way i could contact you? I would love to talk to you more about this. Thankyou

  19. hi Remi your story really motivated me given me hope that this issue could be resolved i need to ask you few thing
    i am 30 i have disc herniation at L5 S1 with posterior central protrusion would you pls recommend me few exercises i have pain in both my legs i would appreciate you response i have problem while sitting and cant walk for more than 15 minutes .

  20. Would you recommend a epidural steroid injection? The doctor is referring me to get one.

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