The sciatic nerve is our largest nerve and exits the spine and runs through the glute muscle down the leg. Your back pain may begin in the spine or in the butt and ranges from mild to excruciating which may cause trouble in walking.

To ease this pain release the piriformis muscle which compresses the sciatic nerve in the butt.

Release: If you have a Backhealer ball sit directly on the piriformis to release. Otherwise sit on the end of your kitchen table and push into the middle of the butt with the table. This will release this piriformis muscle and allow the sciatic nerve to function better.

Stretch: Follow this pressure with the pigeon pose or standing pigeon (shown in picture). Hold for 1 -2 minutes if possible.


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  1. I had major back problems for years, starting back when I was doing a lot of traveling for my job. My pain was constant and worse especially after getting out of the car. The true cause… I was driving a car that was not meant as an over the road car.

    I always removed one of the couch cushions and sat on the very edge of the couch, pulling myself down by grabbing under the lip of the couch. This seemed to help for about an hour or so, long enough to get to sleep. Now that I’m retired, and a little older, the doctor recommended a therapeutic walk in tub. Bought a safe step, loving it.

  2. Guys i was once a sufferer of sccaitia.- advanced stage. I tried all but it takes a very long time to get rid of it once in this advanced stage. I did go for Kerala? Ayurvedic massage. It took 10 continous days, 1 hr massage under the guidance of ayurvedic doctor. Its gone in 15 days completely. Now again i am suffering. this was 5 yrs back. Well sccaitia can occur again and again even if you take all these steps. So best thing is keep moving your body . Do exercise daily and it wont be bad

    1. From your complaints, it looks that you are sfnierufg from sciatic pain. Sciatica is a painful condition occurring due to the compression of the nerve root in the back. It radiates down the legs, more painful at the time of walking, or doing some exercise and at night. Coughing or sneezing also aggravates the pain. Causes of sciatica: Slipped disc of spine, or inflamed muscle of the buttocks, cause compression on sciatic nerve. – Sudden strain in lifting a heavy object. – Mental depression – Cigarette smoking. Some natural ways to cure sciatic pain: – Rest in bed is of great value in curing sciatica. Take rest for at least a week if the pain is very severe. – Do not lift objects that are heavy. – There are alternative, treatments like acupressure, acupuncture, and homeopathy that might be helpful. The lump on your buttock has to be evaluated by your doctor.

    2. cont’d There was more to that pain actually. Both arms at the sheuldor were excruciating like torn rotator cuffs I had sharp pain under my heart all these pains I’ve had at one time or another but they manifested all at once and tenfold.So, 14 mths later, June 2011, I’m gardening, even jogged one day aside from my usual 3 mi walk, wham. Not like 2010 but just from the hips down both legs to ankles; nerve trembling every step pain, radiating, searing, ligament pain, feeling fragile.

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