“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate how to perform a squat properly without blowing out a disc (herniated disc) in your …


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  1. GREAT content gents…that full ROM squat can be done without a butt wink if mobility of the hips is sufficient. one group of athletes that need these deep squats are "olympic style" weightlifters, or those who compete in teh classic SNATCH and CLEAN & JERK! otherwise ua re spot on, regular athletes dont need this excessive ROM

  2. Could you guys do some videos on balance and exercise? For people with inner ear problems and such? You can't get much help with that at the gym.

  3. Excellent video, as always. Butt wink 🙂

  4. This is not a good video. The concerns are right, but the causes of the problems aren’t right. The problem with the knee is not to go further than the line of the foot (the point of). The problem is to put the weight on the fingers of the feet rather than putting into the middle/middle-back of these. The correct position is the last one that I mention.
    The “buttwink” is a lack of strength on the gluteus on that range of motion OR a lack of mobility. Usually is the last one on the men. I agree that is a MUST to avoid that posture.

  5. Thanks for the info on squats! Just the info I was looking for

  6. His knees were like half a foot over that line

  7. Hey Bob & Brad, can I ask why it causes more stress on the knees when the knees go "over the line"? The knee is bending the same amount as when you do it correct way (keeping keeps on the line). Something to do with weight distribution is it?

  8. U can eventually go ass to grass on the squat safely without butt wink if u work on ur flexibility. The reason the butt winks is because as u go down to squat the hamstrings are being stretched and if u dont have the flexibility you will reach a point where the hamstrings are fully stretched and the pelvis caves inwards in order to compensate for the lack of flexibility.

  9. Holy shit bro.. help.. I squatted 150kg. But this time I let loose on the way down I bounced off my knees with buttwink and pushed up and lifted it.. since then my back hurts can I ever recover back to normal? Wish I saw this earlier

  10. I like them but does anyone think they waffle on too much? 10 minutes to learn about a squat? Our time on the planet is precious people!

  11. Steps on how to have people terrified of movement:
    1- use words in your video titles like ‘blow out your disc’
    2-talk about how ‘but wink’ is wrong and bad and you will hurt yourself if it happens full stop!
    3- nocebo the shit out of people!

  12. What do you think of that DAAALE!

  13. Just wondering…who trained you to perform barbell lifts? I don’t think that’s part of any dpt program. As such, maybe you guys should stay within your profession of rehabbing, not barbell training. Being in the industry myself, I would like to note that I have never treated any weightlifter whatsoever. Think of the many thousands if not millions of people in the gym with piss poor form. Very few actually hurt themselves. Maybe that should give some insight as to the importance of “form”, “buttwink”, and “biomechanics” with injury risk.

  14. I used to do a lot of squats and one day I realised that I was slightly twisted when I squatted , if you go to 2:39 you will get the picture . This has given me a slight permanent injury to my spine , about a third of the way up . It radiates into the right rib if I do to much . I believe the reason I was slightly twisted when squatting is due to a weak left eye which is squinted and this results in my not getting 100% binocular vision as most other people do therefore reducing my ability to visually balance out the movement . Plus , obviously the old weaker and stronger side would have kicked in also . And when you are younger it is not something you are concerned about until it starts to have an impact . It is then you try to dissect the problem . For those still of the age to adapt their positioning and training listen in well to this video ….. Great stuff .

  15. Riiight, so if you don't want to hurt your lower back don't squat till parallel… which basically means not squatting.
    Thanks for wasting my time.

  16. Hey bob and brad
    For long term health , do you suggest squats and deadlifts for long term health?

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