The pain, fatigue, depression, and anxiety that people with fibromyalgia suffer with daily gradually take its toll on body and spirit.

Some people with fibromyalgia can’t work a regular job or even leave their home because of the chronic pain, stiffness, and extreme fatigue they experience.

Even more disturbing, a recent study showed that fibromyalgia sufferers have a ten-fold higher risk of suicide compared to the average population.

Is there a natural solution to this problem? Is yoga for fibromyalgia good medicine?

Can It Reduce the Pain of Fibromyalgia?

According to a recent study published in the journal Pain, taking part in a yoga program helps to treat fibromyalgia pain – and improves the overall mood and energy level of women struggling with fibromyalgia symptoms.

Fifty-three adult women with fibromyalgia took part in a special yoga program called “Yoga for Awareness” for two months. This two-hour program consisted of forty minutes of yoga stretching poses, twenty-five minutes of yoga-style meditation, and ten minutes of deep breathing exercises. Another forty-five minutes was devoted to practicing yoga at home – and taught how to use yoga principles to cope with stress and chronic pain.

The results? Over half of the women who participated in the program experienced less pain and fatigue, and they also reported fewer negative moods – and were generally more optimistic about their future. A control group had no change in their symptoms.

Fibromyalgia sufferers are often more socially isolated than healthy people because of their chronic pain, and this program helped them establish relationships with others who deal with similar challenges.

Studies show that yoga has potential for treating a variety of chronic pain disorders. The program used in this study is unique since it not only emphasized stretching poses and meditation; it also focused on more effective ways to cope with the challenges of fibromyalgia.

Many fibromyalgia sufferers fail to benefit from medications, and some of the drugs used to treat this condition have side effects. Yoga offers a natural treatment for fibromyalgia that’s therapeutic for both mind and body. Plus, it’s a gentle, low-impact way to introduce people with fibromyalgia to the benefits of exercise.

The bottom line? More research is needed, but, based on this study, yoga looks like a promising natural treatment for fibromyalgia – and one that’s safe for most people.


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  1. Everything is very open with a really clear explanation of the issues.

    It was definitely informative. Your website is very useful.

    1. I am yet to find any medication to take away the etfecfs of fibro and would like to warn others about something that happened to me. A long time ago when first diagnosed I was given anti inflamatory meds to help wich appeared to be working However I now suffer from cronic kidney disease due to these tablets not nice in deed the good news is when i stopped taking these tablets my kidney function has improved please be carefull with these meds

      1. I took plan b after an incident. 5 days after that i had a blnideeg like for 2 days. its beek a week after the blnideeg and i am experiencing lower back pain. Yesterday my breast were sore but today they were not at all and they didnt hurt. I took a blood pregnancy test 10 days after i ovulated and it came negative. I dont know what is wrong with me. can i still be pregnant? or it is just stress or am i making the symptoms up. my period is not due like for a week so i have to wait. but i dont know whats wrong. did plan b mess my hormones . please help. tell me your experiences.

  2. I can’t take Lyrica or other Neuro drugs like this (or serotonin raeutpkes) they make me feel like I’m sideways on the world AND they make me yawn continuously. Sigh.So far the only thing that is working is Opiod or Opiod like drugs which do not make me high (for some reason the pain knocks out that part of them) and the doctors here are very VERY Harsh on prescribing them.Unfortunately there have been too many who have abused them.It makes it very difficult for people who have real issues like FM to actually get help.

  3. Aiden Lucas
    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia for 3 years, and it was very painful some days. I was taken methocarbamol to relieve the pain. Sometimes it helps and other days it doesn’t. it was killing me for 3 years, doctor said there was no cure. So I tried to live with it and it wasn’t easy.My childhood friend introduced me to Dr George (Good health herbs home),Dr George fibromyalgia herbal remedy cured me within 6 weeks of usage ,am fibromyalgia free now 100%.for more information visit www goodhealthherbshome com

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