“Why are you so tight?” I ask my left butt cheek. “How did we get here?”

My rock-solid derrière isn’t the type some ladies strive to attain by following booty workout DVDs; mine is a whole other devil. Its muscles pull my hip out of alignment and bring along a leg-tingling friend called sciatica.

“Will you please let go, butt cheek, old pal of mine?” I politely request as I lay on my floor with a red Backhealer ball underneath my bum. I breathe deeply, receive some release, but I think I’m mostly getting the silent treatment.I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked this is mostly a one-sided conversation. My muscles have been sending me messages for a while now —though I wasn’t listening. And that’s likely why we aren’t getting along now.

My body is so tight from stress. The result is my painfully contracted muscles that tug on my joints and often make it difficult for me to move with ease and grace.

Still, there’s been progress between my butt cheek and I, as well as with other parts of my body. It’s like I’m rebuilding a strained or damaged relationship, I tell myself; it takes time.



Jenna- A freelance journalist using the Backhealer method to recover from a herniated disc.







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  1. Hello Mr. Ohm. My name is Konstantine, I am 23 years old and I have been suffering from L5-S1 hietranion for about 3 years now. I feel as if my body is losing the battle it faces everyday with this hietranion and I fear the worst is yet to come. I saw your video of the stretches you did to that man on the bench and though I know they seem to cling right to the desired location for healing the disc, it seems physically impossible for me to raise my leg like the way you raised that mans. I am located in New York and I wish to see you though I am not sure how

    1. Sinaj, Did you receive the help you were searching for regarding your herniated disc?

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