LengthenStrengthen Group Session Playlists

Group sessions practice self myofascial release using the Backhealer ball for the first 20 minutes of the class. You are then led through non-load stretches and exercises on the floor. Your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are softened and lengthened; then re-strengthened to create new neuromuscular patterns.

This progressive movement assures you will reprogram the brain to use new patterns; new patterns that you choose. These new patterns will allow you to be strong and limber.  Daily activities may have less pain. You may be able to perform your activities and sports better.


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It is imperative that you discuss all self care practices with your doctors, physical therapists, and healthcare professionals. This is in your best interest as it ensures safety and cohesiveness in your health programs.

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Pelvic wall – 1st muscles to contract when inhaling

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