My left butt cheek did not work for years. I had poor posture. I was in a great deal of pain. Walking, standing, and sleeping changed.

Even though I have had years of exercise training as a Kinesiologist, my body could not be fixed through these methods. The goal of these exercises was to strengthen my butt and maybe even straighten out some of my imbalances.

Exercise, by itself, does not work well to heal chronic pain. WHY? Because when pain and/or dysfunction occurs muscle contracts to protect the area of injury. If the injury/pain stays in the body for more than 3 months the brain re-patterns this muscle contraction into its daily movements.

Chronic muscle contraction can only be returned to its useful state by tactile and energetic stimulus such as acupressure. The brain/muscle responds with a relaxation reaction returning the muscle to suppleness.

I began work on relaxing the front hip muscles; psoas and iliacus, utilizing the BACKHEALER method. These muscles were chronically contracted not allowing my butt cheek muscles to do the job of pulling my leg backwards.

Stimulating the tight hip muscles with the BACKHEALER ball and calmed breath helped to retrain these muscle patterns. Now the left butt muscle works because the front hip muscles are released. This restored proper muscle balancing in the hips and low back thus eliminating my pain.

Do you have a sway back? Do some of your muscles not work?  Do you have chronic pain? Maybe you have muscles imbalances as I did.

Re-pattern the brain and muscle response using the BACKHEALER method.


christinaholmesheadshot Christina is a Vancouver Kinesiologist trained in the BACKHEALER method.





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  1. Such a great article on sciatica, thank you Christina.

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