I’VE NEVER UPLOADED A VIDEO THIS LONG…. EVER. I love you guys and I hope this video helps someone out there…. I don’t know how it could… but thats …


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  1. I’m sorry, I know how bad pain is 🙁

  2. Hello I watched your entire video and love your personality. You are such a strong young lady. You mentioned you suffer from anxiety and I myself am to as well as multiple back problems and cerebral palsy which are recently causing chronic pain. I feel identified with you. What are you taking for anxiety if you don’t mind me asking? My Dr. gave me prozac but I am afraid to take it due to side effects. Is there anything you recommend ?

  3. I have scoliosis. one curve is 30degrees and the other one is 50 degrees. I have to wait for surgery and I know the struggle….I do physical work and I have pain every day.

  4. I'm a distance runner and I have s curves at 40 degrees (last time I checked was like a year and a half ago so idk how much it's gotten worse, and yes I'm thankful that it's not really bad like some other people, you all in the comments are insane and I'm amazed by you, keep it up) and I'm pretty sure that it affects my hip too. (That's what I'm pretty certain about but my hip joint also partially disconnects and idk if that's due to scoliosis or not?) It's made it so I can't walk at all for periods of time because of my hip mostly, but it sucks because taking time off of running does nothing, since it's not technically an injury it's like idk,,, a condition? I dropped from a 20:00 5k to a 23:30 5k the beginning of the year because of this but I'm now almost back to a 20:00 5k again (20:45-ish but I'll probably be there by my next race). It's been tough because I care about running alot and there's no way I can stop myself from getting minutes worse suddenly just because my hip or back decides to get extremely bad all of a sudden. Does anyone else have bad hip problems due to scoliosis because I don't think my doctor clearly said they were related 100% even though I'm pretty certain they are, he actually thought it was something with my joint disconnecting or idk at first. Still is but due to scoliosis idkk. Also please reply if you're a runner with any tips? Thank you so muchdfhaielufhal

  5. I have major scoliosis. And my left limb is weaker than right. Im happy that your are totally fine. Stay blessed

  6. BEST orthopedic surgeon for kids : Dr.Shufflebarger at Nicklaus Childrens hospital in miami….. Adult : Dr . Sethi at virginia mason , seattle WA

  7. I also had a scoliosis at 13 but got back brace mid year for 5 years then operated at age 19 on 26th March 2009 I got 6 weeks off school. I have metal rods in my back it took me 1 week to recover and I couldn’t wait to go back to school

  8. I was diagnosed with moderate scoliosis late last year after having intense back and abdominal pain and migraines. I have apparently had it for years but in the past couple of months the pain has worsened dramatically to the point where sitting in the car or excising is a big struggle. I tried reaching out to my parents but they had attitude that if I did more and was more active it would help which really isn't the case, the have been get more angry when I mention it telling me to get over it which has been making me lash out in frustration because I'm constantly in pain and they don't get it, my doctor keeps telling me that its not getting worse when I can feel that it is. I get that it can be frustrating and scary, you go girl!

  9. Thank You So Much For Sharing. I can absolutely relate. I have experienced nearly complete relief from several herniated disks, migraines, i was over weight and I had trouble breathing. Today I'm going to the gym and living life again! Please come check out my story @agreenfuture2018. Be Well. Be Happy.

  10. i have scoliosis and have had back surgery twice and go and see my orthopedic on the 15 of November

  11. It does sound like EDs. I have eds, pots, migraines, chronic pain since age 2, severe degenerative levo scoliosis or Kyphoscoliosis- with curve of over 90, gastroparesis. Etc etc. so it does sound like you have eds, but not a severe scoliosis.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing. I have degenerative disc disease and chronic pain so I know exactly what you feel.

  13. I developed scoliosis later in life (in my early 50s) . Was a 26* curve, now it's an 11* curve because I have been going to a wonderful, modern chiropractor who was the only medical professional interested in exploring my symptoms and seeing where it was stemming from. I have been going to them for about 6 years now. I hope I can continue indefinitely. Chiropractic is a slow process but non-invasive.

  14. I am so glad you did this video. I'm 40 years old and been suffering with cronic lower back pain for some tine now. I just found out today that along with a few other back problems, I have scoliosis and don't know anything about it. Just to know that someone out there is talking about it brings some comfort. Thank you again for this video

  15. My hips are very unlevel and I get deeeeeeeeeeep hip pain/aches too….and other parts of my body. Crazy….and it's so hard to have other people believe you if you suffer from chronic pain. I totally feel you in this video….really hit home.

  16. You’re story inspires me so much! It’s so amazing! There is a scoliosis support group called Curvy Girls Scoliosis. It is an international support group. With 108 groups world wide. It has helped me so much! If you have scoliosis you should go check us out at curvygirlsscoliosis.com

  17. You think you back got scoliosis cuz u swirving the lane

  18. I have scoliosis and I’m dying of pain I have not treated it yet..

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