“Flossing” – the best lower limb neural mobilisation for the posterior chain from the lumbar spine through to the toes. Also called LLNP or lower limb neural …


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  1. I'd like to try. I got tingling sensation when I stretch so I hope this will help. Is this to replace stretching? Meaning could I do this routine instead of regular hamstrings stretches. Thanks.

  2. Hey
    Can i do half squat singel leg only with body with my 2 bulgh lower back? Only body.no barbele

  3. Where can you purchase the stretch band that you are using?

  4. Sir,

    This is Wasim Shaikh from India.
    I want your suggestion
    My friend is treated with slip disc but sadly after the surgery. Her leg become num and she usually has severe pain in her leg. It feels like some kind of current is going through her left leg nerve. I request you to please give us a suggestion how to stop or lower that pain. It will be very helpful If you suggest a doctor in India.

  5. Excellent video bro..wow..total relief after a few days..my gosh..

  6. This kills my stomach. And not in a workout. In a nausea way

  7. please don't call this hamstring flossing. you're really going to confuse people. why not put cervical flexion and extension into this for proper nerve flossing?

  8. Just wanted to say thank you. Been doing these 1st two flexes the last week or so.when I started it was extremely sore.now it's just a good stretch.its working 🙂

  9. Great exercise. It hurts alot. After the 1st two basic stretches my leg is twitching like crazy. 10 plus years of si /sciatica. I'm gonna try this thank you

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