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Practice anytime, anywhere with LS ANYTIMEstream.

Access to all our recorded and enhanced LS LIVEstream classes.

LengthNstrengthN (LS) class is 60 minutes of pranayamic breathing, myofascial release, and yoga based movement.

Designed for those with chronic low back, mid back, and neck pain. Also great for those with chronically tight muscles.

Taught by Steve Butler




The LS ANYTIMEstream subscription is monthly and is auto renewing. This auto renew subscription can be canceled at any time.

LengthNStrengthN (LS) is a self care class designed with great care and decades of clinical and personal experience.

It is important that you advise your health care professionals of your participation is this class as it ensures safety and cohesiveness in your health care programs.




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It is imperative that you discuss all self care practices with your doctors, physical therapists, and healthcare professionals. This is in your best interest as it ensures safety and cohesiveness in your health programs.

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Pelvic wall – 1st muscles to contract when inhaling

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