Good ingredients give you the best results! Just like in a recipe for your fave dish where the better the ingredients — the better the tastes that tickle your buds. The Backhealer method works the same way for me. In class today (a well paced class led by the wonderfully articulate Apprentice Karen) there was a lot of talk about the fundamentals. To focus on opening and expanding with the inhale and releasing on the exhale.  Using your brain to intentionally guide your breath and the muscles you are working on. Expand. Open. Release. Empty. Work the mind muscle to focus one’s thoughts and that will in turn invoke change. And why else would we be lying on a ball unless we wanted change.

The body was pretty good today and I focused on releasing the hips and mid-back… well, pretty much anything I could find connected to the sacrum and hips! This area is going to remain in flux for awhile I think. To cook this dish I will need the following ingredients: Focus (firm mind guidance), Breathwork, Ballwork and Yoga!!I made a conscious effort to leave enough time at the end of class to do 4 yoga stretches before final savasana. Everything felt great. Noticed my right hip was still turned down and in a bit. Confirmed it with the instructor and left the class with homework!


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  1. Thanks for sharing such a great article. I just saw the headline and I genuinely thought you were going to recommend a food recipe that could help with back pain, lol!


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Pelvic wall – 1st muscles to contract when inhaling

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