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  1. I couldn't hear very much as the music was slightly overpowering. However, I'd like to share my tip for anyone out there suffering with frenulum issues. Try washing only with salted water [ 7wow.cc/85rg ] then twice daily apply small equal quantities of Snowfire ointment and Burt Bees Foot Cream to your foreskin/glans and frenulum. You will be amazed – believe me.

  2. stretch and stay stretched! had sciatica ten years, finally figured out that traction relieved pain, so i raised foot of bed about eighteen inches, tied innertube to both ends of bed posts, tied in middle, stuck my feet through innertube, body weight provides the decompression, needed. two month of this, healed! four years later sciatica come back, bad so i am at it again, two months later, i am much better, but not completely . stay stretched!

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  4. Thank you for this video. I have learned a lot and will start exercises using the two methods you describe. It is good to understand that part of the anatomy that is the source of distress.

  5. I had a spine fracture from falling on ice, 1 yr ago and somehow shifted something. I now have sciatic pain going down both butts and legs. I also had had 4 disc protrusions , I have had 1 shots at the spine fracture area and now at the sciatica both sides.
    Will the shots decrease the inflammation and Dr. said the nerve that is housed is a narrow cavity can this be enlarged or am I looking for a lifetime of all this. Note: I have Diabetes 2 meticulous. out side of the exercise on the video. any other suggestions. mkaimakidis@hotmail.com Mimi

  6. It's so bad at night I can't roll over without doing it inch by inch, the pain is horrible and I have to get up about every 2 hours to walk around the house 😕

  7. Great discretion ! I have the best Chiropractor ever ! 👍 but this time stress let loose on that nerve 4 weeks now

  8. My problem only when it's cold
    I have no problem in the summer time

  9. I was on crutches for three months for a broken left foot now since i've been back walking on both feet my right hip has been killing me with lower right back pain and numbness and tingling in my right thigh with loss of use of my right knee now and then like it just gives out. I'm guessing it's my sciatic nerve? any thoughts?

  10. Hi! em having pain in my sciatic nerver from 2 years.i had spinal chord injury but now i m can with waker but still having pain on my right leg heal and hip alnog sciaic nerve.i m feeling releif doing exercises but for some time.plz give. me any sugestion what i have to do.

  11. Hey. My sciatic nerve pain is excruciating, would a chiropractor be a a alternative for immediate relief.

  12. I've just purchased your Ebook Sciatica off of Amazon. Very informative, and helpful.

  13. Thank You. Clear explaination.

  14. I had a sudden contraction on my right low lombar while sitting in front of my computer. I mean. . WTF? ? maybe a muscle stretched Doctor??

  15. I been dealing with Sciatica over a year now and it is very painful. My doc said that I have degenerative arthritis of the spine and I am also having pain in my neck that radiates down my harm. I have sciatic pain in my left leg, buttock, and foot. I also experience tingling a lot in my foot. I can not sit or stand for a long time. I get the most relief when I am lying down. My doc said that my pain would subside and I would feel better if I get rid of the weigh. Cutting my eating is not the problem working out is. Just moderate walking for at least 15 or 20 minutes have me bad off. Tired of this nagging pain where the pain medicine is not working which consist of Vicodin and 800 Ibuprofen taken together…don't know what to do and I am tired of facing my doc all the time and getting very little relief from injections and pills.

  16. i am 30 years old. i had THR 4 years back. I had appointment with the same doctor even 3-4 doctors they are saying your hip is in good shape and no issue with your hip. But last 4 months i have immense pain on lower and side femur Bone. I am not able to sleep while turn on side sleep i have severe pain. Standing after sitting have pain for 2- 3 minutes.. please suggest. How to relief and identify root cause of this issue

  17. I struggle with this condition often. Its very painful Iam on medication for it right now.

  18. Sciatica flared up last week, the doctor moved my right leg and the pain along my left leg was incredible. What was he testing for?

  19. so this pain started on my left lower back area and now shoots down my left leg. it has a surging sort of pain and hurts whenever I'm not laying down.

  20. Hey Doctor I've had this strange feeling from my lower back I have had a lower back strain before and stretching sure did the job but now I have like a tingling but not painful sensation that starts from my lower back down to my buttocks every time I look down for some reason. Please help should I start doing stretches again or is there anything else I can do. It's just very uncomfortable and doesn't feel right please help and thank you.

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