Sciatica vs Cauda Equina Syndrome In this video I discuss the difference between sciatica and cauda equina syndrome. Sciatica is …


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  1. I just had cauda equina syndrome and its very serious. I basically had no feeling in my nether regions. I ended up with a catheter for a bit and needing rehabilitation for my right leg plus incontinence. You know when its serious and the syndrome came on fast. My tip is if u cant feel a suppository going in and you have lost bladder bowel control most likely you have cauda equina syndrome.

  2. I have degenerative disc disease in L5 and S1 and have been told the disc space have shortened.
    My legs get tired and sometimes when I'm in the bath and use a scrub I cant feel it. Cant always feel if my legs cold either, I dont think my drs are taking me serious, they are now sending me for an x-ray after 4.5 years of nothing since my last check up because of numbness. I have no problems with my bladder or bowels (well apart from a bit of constipation now and then), but my legs can get tingly and my hips are starting to experience pain.
    I'm truly at my wits wnd with it. I hope to god I dont ever develop this syndrome.

  3. I have pain in my coccyx, left buttock, even going up to my kidney (got it checked out, it s ok), inguinal pain on my left, pain on my left side of genitals, perianal pain, pressure on my bladder (which sometimes feels so inflamed) but only on my left side, pain in my pubic bone and it goes down to my thigh, leg and foot.
    I even felt numbness in my buttoch and thigh few weeks ago. My neurologist thought it was CES but my mri showed no hernia, no compression, no nothing. It looked perfectly fine, she gave me carbamazepine and B vitamins, i took it for 2 weeks, forgot it 1 night and then the pain came back again. Is it possible to have CES with a negative mri? I feel lost and annoyed when telled it s all in my head.
    Also, i didnt fell or anything like that

  4. Dr I have massive herniation extrusion at l5 s1 but I don't have severe pain and numbness do I consider surgery or I believe in spontaneous regression and I want to learn how long cauda equina be treated upto 6 hrs or 24 hrs or 48 hrs I am confused and depressed please

  5. The only great explanation I found after weeks! Great doctor! I have a very painful and burning sensation on my back from the middle to the lumbar and is extending to my left side hip down to the leg. My Gp just said I have a sciatica and give some pain killers. Now I'm stack in the bed and waiting a response from the lawyer for misdiagnosis and negligence of the doctor

  6. Well done. Probably the best video I've seen on CES. Thank you.

  7. I have weakness in both legs, sciatic symptoms.. no back pain, According to CT scan I do have a posterior slightly asymmetrical herniated disc between L4-L5.. I don't have saddle anaesthesia, but I'm worried I may have CES. As for bowels, I can pee and shit when I have to. If I have to hold it that's no problem as well.. the calf weakness specifically is what's worrying me… the left side just started a few days ago. I don't have medical at the moment so I can't afford an MRI.

  8. What about sciatica that has the saddle numbness etc?

  9. Why do the doctors not understnd you can have retention with caudia equine…gezzz i have suffered long enough….they dont listen

  10. I have cauda equna syndrome since 6 years. The issue started gradually and loss of sensation in perianal region and legs, Bladder and Bowels system are in manual function… still I don’t have issue of walking and running

    Pls suggest…

  11. I have been having numbness in the saddle area for a few years now, whenever I stand up for more than five minutes and walking within ten minutes. I am awaiting MRI results today ! I have sciatica that goes from left leg and then to right leg and terrible lower backache ! Ten years ago ,I ruptured two neck discs and have had problems ever since then with my lower back .

  12. Doctor, I have incontinence , but there is very minor disc bulging L3- L4, L5-S1.
    Does it go away after physiotherapy decompression and rest ?

  13. my question is this.. What if i am feeling a pressure on my bladder? like the feeling when you hold it for an extended period of time ontop of having scaitica symptoms? Is this something related to this? i am able to pee just fine.. but i have this constant pressure feeling and even moving side to side makes it feel more intense.

  14. Dr. Guevara: I have [through MRI] a confirmed complete spinal stenosis. The neurosurgeons in the hospital deny an operation, because conservative methods [like physiotherapy] should be tried in the first place. I have this intense numbness in my right foot, and I can't stand neither on my toes nor on my heels. Can't hardly walk 200m although I'm using a crutch already. I'm scared that my nerves will be damaged irreversibly. Thanks.

  15. I am urinating a lot but I can control it.

    This started two weeks ago. I have epiditymitis and that has flared up. It goes into the urethra and that feels sore and stinging. The pain radiates to my glutes and anal region. I feel the urge to go almost as soon as I relieve myself. Most times I am going on the hour but sometimes I urinate ever 1/2 hour, maybe two hours. Where I was urinating once in the middle of the night I am now going twice…usually 3-4 hours apart.

    I don't feel numbness but in general I feel sore.

  16. Hi doctor I unfortunately have cauda equina diagnosed after a fall I had a burst fracture at L1 are they separate problems or both together?
    I have double retention but worst is when sitting in a position for more than 5 mins or lying on back in bed at night my buttocks get unbelievably uncomfortable and altered sensation like I have no muscle tone there ?
    What can I do to get a good night's sleep? I can walk fine though but a bit weaker than before Thanks for your description

  17. What about bowel weakness…and urinary urgency? I have had "loss of feeling to genital areas since middle teenage years. I get numbness, and some loss of leg strength bilaterally.

    I have also had loose bowels…and difficulty controlling my "sphincter" control for over 20 years. No MRI has helped me. It seems to be almost like MS…where the symptoms come and go.

    Trust me…I've been through the gambit of testing in the past 20 years…as one would imagine. Now,…I just pray…what else can one do?

  18. question doctor, is there anything that can rebuild the nerve?

  19. Dr, thanks to your video, and me watching this since last year, I actually ended up getting diagnosed with this and had emergency room, I was going to wait to see if numbness was going to wait, but I remembered this video and immediately went into ER and got laminectomy. thank you for publishing this

  20. I have cauda equina! Twice in the space of 3 months just 1 year ago. My disc came out of its place completely along with stenosis. I have lost sensation and lost the nerves to my bladder and bowels permanently. It can take 2 years to find out if the nerves are damaged or repair

  21. So odd question, I just went through the worst herniated disc ever, and I showed several of the symptoms of this. The ER didn't diagnosis this because I wasn't incontinent, or retention of urine. But I was having an inability to defecate, it was like things that end just weren't working, it's hard to describe.

    I also had severe nerve pain down both legs, odd gait, and pain in my back no later what I did.

    By the time I got to a spinal surgeon the symptoms had improved, probably from the host of drugs the hospital gave me. By the time we got my MRI it was showing just a severe herniated disc

    Is it possible I had it, or nearly had it? Could I really have recovered as much as I have if I did?

  22. I have Cauda Equina, I was diagnosed in feb 2019 I had 2 decompressions and laminectomies. I am left with mild right sided foot drop, numbness in both legs minor b/b problems. Unfortunately my biggest issue I am left with is the back pain post surgery. I now have re-occuring herniation at the same point.

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