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  1. Your energy is so charming!! I have scoliosis thanks for this video

  2. How do you move the tailbone from side to side? My pelvic half is still stuck after doing these. Even an osteopath couldn't figure it out, but he didn't try very hard after already getting all the money. I think the sacrum might be twisted in a lot of people. But what is causing it? A ligament? If you know anatomy of false alignments could you tell me why I have two short spiky bones sticking on both sides of the tailbone right above it? Hopefully the tail and the sacrum are not bone on bone, can they?

  3. Great channel! I see the Video Traffic Academy training is working for you. Definitely one of the better channels on the groups follow list. If you would follow me back Iā€™d greatly appreciate it.


  4. For me the tension of mid upper back. And I have two big knots on each side of my spine right below the mid upper back , basically the middle of the back

  5. I have scoliosis and I cannot believe you would make a video like this. Scoliosis cannot be changed by simply rotating your hips, doing a couple stretches and becoming spiritual, believing in the healing within you (are you crazy?). Also, telling people not to believe what their doctors, who have years of experience and medical knowledge, have told them is dangerous and benefits no one but yourself. You have no business recommending anything health-related, and should therefore focus on your spirituality lunacy.

  6. what? no comments about the boobies ? :O šŸ˜›Ā 
    Joking , thanks for the advice šŸ™‚

  7. Spinecore can help you too. It uses bands and is a flexible brace to help your curve(s) improve

  8. Correcting it isn't gonna happen.

    Working with it is. If you can't feel that you have scoliosis you're already passing with flying colors.

  9. youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cLk-SN4FxH8

    Here's a couple simple exercises that will radically improve your life if you have scoliosis.

    I have severe S-Type Scoliosis and have been doing them for 2 days now and already feel amazing.

    It's not hard at all and feels better than it does worse like most exercises.

  10. Yoga is actually ineffective and sometimes dangerous for scoliotic people. AVOID YOGA

  11. You are a witch doctor with no knowledge of scoliosis, however you are hot so people will listen to your nonsense. If anyone is suffering from scoliosis, Schroth method exercises is your best option.

  12. I'd like to see a video that addresses pectus excavatum.

  13. My daughter has this problem. So I am interested. Many thanks for your work Laura!!!! Hugs from Italy.

  14. Pretty sandals,Laura.Great exercise. I sometimes feel my sacrum doesn't quite know how to hang in balance,,,it tries right a bit, left a bit, and settles in a position where it's still a little unsure. So this visualisation of being supported/hanging from the sky is very beneficial for me. My lovely sacrum can stop being so responsible, and feeling alone in this. Dear sacrum, you can feel suspended by the Universe (and therefore aligned and in balance). I'm sure my pirouettes will improve too!

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