Erin Myers demonstrates which side the side plank exercise would be beneficial for her body. A recent study stated the opposite, but Erin refutes that study.


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  1. i dont comment often, but this video will mislead a lot of people, on the video it clearly shows that right side is the one, your spine looks so beautifully in line when you do it on the right side.

  2. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think you have it backwards.
    Check out this article:
    It says:
    "Each participant was instructed to hold the posture on the convex side of their spine—the side that's rounded outward—daily, and for as long as possible. According to the study, this averaged about 1.5 minutes a day for 6.1 days a week."
    Check out this image:

  3. you are wrong because you have to train your weaker side which it means your right side

  4. I found that when i do the side plank just like your instructions i feel so much better overall . Tks <3

  5. I have thoracic scoliosis
    right and let me tell you that my left chest is more developed and
    stronger than my right that is shortened I have always since I knew that
    my left side concave was stronger than my right side convex that has
    been more atrophied by my scoliosis Right I do not
    see the problem in the exercise I support the theory that the side of
    the curvature is the one that is weak and atrophied.

  6. Your spine is more straight in the first side (right side side plank), so i think you're wrong. the scapula is closer because it moves opposite side it is normal but on the second side you can see the spine is less straight.
    Also your spine is bended on middle to top to right side (you seems to have an S shape scoliosis you should show radios can be usefull) it means the trapezian muscle on the right is too elongated by making the side plank on the right side it will be less elongated during the exercice which is positive.

    What i think is that side plank is not good for S shape scoliosis but only for C shape, which is logical.

  7. I have the same C curve also towards the same side as you. So are you saying the exercise they describe for planks is completely wrong? What if doing it on the convex side as you assume is perhaps wrong will actually cause the body push back in the opposite right direction after releasing?

  8. Hi Robyn,

    That’s great you’ll be seeing a Schroth therapist! I am not a Schroth therapist, but "Hard Core Scoli" incorporates things I’ve learned from Schroth combined with many other modalities I’ve found that help my scoli and the scoli of my clients. Since I’m a Pilates instructor and teacher trainer, and Gyrotonic instructor, those modalities play heavily into how I work with scoli. Yes, "Hard Core Scoli" is available via download on amazon.com. I’ve done a few videos on ways I like to mobilize and stabilize my scoli but I have many more video posts on the way, so stay tuned. Everything in the body is affected by scoli, be that mid/lower traps, QL, mulitifidus, psoas, illiacus, along with pretty much all muscles in the body, all the way down to the placement of internal organs. Everything needs to be balanced out.

  9. Also I have an apt. with a Scroth master physical therapist at the end of the month. I have the book and have been studying it wherever I can find references. Is your exercise program based on this? (sorry so many questions) ~ APPRECIATE!

  10. Thanks Erin ! Thought this whole "side plank" discussion (read more on your blog) was so interesting. I too have a right Thoracic curve along with lots of other muscle skeletal issues, but ALWAYS felt that the left sided plank was right for me. Any time I would do a right sided one, I'd think "how strange" and how WRONG. My pt would have me do both sides – and since i seemed so much stronger on the left – he thought my right needed the work!!! Guess not!! I am super right hand dominant as well. Now I am starting to understand more thanks to you! I will def look into/purchase your video. Is it available as a download for I Pad? Does your video program offer exercises specifically to strengthen the mid&lower left traps? I wonder where the Quadratus Lumborum muscle fits in. That is also another crazy one on me — posas too! Thanks for any guidance!

  11. Robyn: Yes, I have a right "rib hump". Truth be told, I don't do a specific exercise to strengthen my concave side. I don't believe there's a magic exercise to fix scoli. I use Pilates, Gyrotonic, and myo-fascial therapy to keep my spine aligned correctly. My video Hard Core Scoli, available on Amazon.com, is a great place to start with exercising your Scoli.

  12. Have you done video that shows your favorite way to strengthen you con cavities? Go you have a right sided " rib hump"… ?? Thanks so much for sharing this!!!

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