There is a recent physiotherapy innovation from New Zealand which gives stronger and more specific leverage to oppose the middle back twist in mild scoliosis …


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  1. Hi Steve,
    Hope it is all well with you.
    Off the topic, would the Backpod work for a frozen shoulder? My friend saw it in my house the other day and asked what it was 😃. I explained to her how it works and she wondered if her frozen shoulder can be a result of muscular tightness. Thank you.

  2. what if you sitting up a chair or powerwheelchair

  3. Hi i was diagnosed of mild scoliosis..lately this year 2018 and i want to ask what is the best way to control or to correct it.im 28 year old filipino

  4. Can't a foam roller laying on it links wise do the same?

  5. I have hump back when I'm sitting does everyone know Why?

  6. What should I do for upper back/right shoulder pain? I have a very slight curve so I only use a night brace. The pain gets worse and worse, especially sitting down.

  7. Just look for Unflexal page. There is all you need about workouts 🙂

  8. I have slight twist and find that a hard rubber ball used on one side of my lower back helps a lot and you have just explained exactly why! Thanks. I might look into this product as the rubber ball does occasionally bruise.

  9. Why do you keep saying its "completely logical ." Haha

  10. My neck is starting to hurt as well. I don't have much bad of a back , but it does get Irritating

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