Breathe away your pain using BACKHEALER BREATHING

BACKHEALER BREATHING WHY? OXYGEN - Increases oxygen uptake throughout the day and decreases systemic waste products in the body. A powerful blood-tonic and purifier. This increases our circulation and energy. MIND - Stills the mind, stilling the body. Allows the thinker…

Stress poisons you

A friend just had 3 heart attacks in one week! This woman (50 years old) exercised vigorously and ate an extremely healthy diet. Can you guess what caused the heart attacks? It was stress that nearly killed…


Coffee is bad for your back

1).  Coffee is acidic. It is the acid in our muscles that creates pain for us and an increase in the amounts of acids may makes it difficult for us to remove. 2).  Coffee is dehydrating by…

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Pelvic wall – 1st muscles to contract when inhaling