I feel wonderful because last night while meditating in Savasana I discovered I can open up my body simply through using my breath. No ball was required! For ten minutes I took deep inhales of up to 25 seconds and focused on pushing air into the tightest parts of my body: my back, hips and quads. After, I exhaled slowly for the same amount of time and let the toxins flow out of me. Once my timer went off I noticed my legs and back had sunk closer to the floor and the constriction in my back had faded away.

Now, I can gladly conclude the many hours I’ve spent using the Backhealer balls have paid off. The power of breath is truly incredible. I’m going to keep using the balls to loosen up my muscles, though I will make an even stronger effort to pay attention to the quality of my breathing.

When I use the Backhealer method on my own, I usually do about a minute of just breathing before adding the balls into the practice; however, my new plan is to put on a timer for at least five minutes at the very start. This way I don’t have to worry about my mind wanting to determine how long I’ve been breathing and just give in to being locked into a meditation until a hear a ring. I tried that today and it truly helped me relax and unload my body more efficiently.

The next step is going to be incorporating this long, steady breathing into my everyday life. It seems like it could be more of a challenge, particularly when I’m in a stressful work situation, but I imagine my muscles would thank me if I managed to pull it off.


Jenna – A freelance journalist using the Backhealer method to recover from a herniated disc.


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Pelvic wall – 1st muscles to contract when inhaling

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