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  1. I move from germany to u man getting ur padawan

  2. Please do a video on exercises, especially lower body workouts that I can do without making sciatica worse or hurting the recovery process!!! Sometimes I get rid of my pain, do some leg presses and dumbbell deadlifts then it’s back. Or in the middle of working out is it dangerous to keep pushing through the pain even if it’s bearable?

  3. Hi. What about the back stretcher that are sold? I have sciatica.

  4. Awesome cuz I was using the lacrosse ball, thank you so much for this advice!

  5. Your stretch resembles the Indian yoga " Pigeon Pose".

  6. Just had my very first experience with this.
    Holy crap it hurts.
    Thanks for this Jeff.

  7. Just about to put this into work, looking forward to the good results 🙂

  8. If I do this; during the stretch it feels good. But after, my lateral hip/deep glut aches and feels more stiff than before the stretch. I really don't know what to do anymore. My physio told me I had a L5-S1 disc bulge. But I don't it is… I have no sciatica. But on the other hand, I can't sit with my pelvis tucked underneath me. If I do that my glute gradually becomes more tight and eventually feels like something might tear inside or explode. I can squat 300 lbs with no problem at all but I can't bend my lower back. My lower back is so rigid and in the morning I can't properly put on socks. It's not extreme pain though… just that dull ache. It seems it's best if I don't stretch it at all for a few days but then it just returns to a point which is manageable and not painful but also not fun to live with. Been like this for months.

  9. I really feel like crying right now. This helped me so much. To anyone watching, please give it a try.

  10. I injured my hamstring 3 months ago and it’s not getting any better. I’ll try to get more consistent with these stretches. Thanks.

  11. Update….after a good week and a half this really helped out. …its best to strech out both legs…thanks doc…not even my dang doctors would give me advice. All they did was give me pills and get out..

  12. I've been trying multiple stretches just to get rid of the sciatic pain for almost a year due to my wallet that I always used to put ony my back pocket. But every time I sit down the pain comes back again and I have to do the multiple stretches over again. I really hope this 1 exercise can cure me. I tried it just now and felt a slight tingling pain for a few seconds then I can stand up pain free, tried walking it to and it was fine though I just hope it doesn't come back everytime I sit. Thank you for this tip

  13. I can't get my leg into position to do the exercise which is frustrating as I know Jeff knows his stuff.

  14. Hes right. I did the ball thing and it felt good for a few days, i thought i had a solution to my problem.
    But it didnt work after a few days.
    It was painful and i didn't get relief like the 1st few times i used the ball.
    Stretching is the key.
    As long as it takes.
    Try lumbar support, you'd be surprised.

  15. You deserve all the success and money in the world.  You're so helpful.

  16. I’m having pain in my hips and low back from what I believe is a 40 hour plus work week wearing a duty belt. How can I counter this issue when I still have to wear the belt at work?

  17. Thank you so much after many nights now m able to sleep without pain really it worked.just now finished stretching

  18. Yes. This is excellent. I've noticed in yoga moving towards this posture rather than a pure pigeon and you've just shown me that I'm not wrong!

  19. Hi is this stretch for Sciatica the same as doing the Pidgeon pose in Yoga? Thankyou Pamela

  20. I found this very helpful!!! Can a tight piriformis cause pain in your peroneus longus??

  21. I wanted to wait a day until I posted. I've been dealing with piriformis syndrome for several months now, enough pain to impact my ability to walk or stand for significant periods of time. I've had it before but on the other side for nearly 8 months, just not a severe. This stretch is similar to one we used to do in Muay Thai but the details you point out seem to make it more effective. Its only been about 12 hours (3 stretching sessions) but most of the pain is already gone. Once I'm back to full mobility I'm going to incorporate this into by stretching routine for Jiu Jitsu. This really helped me!

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