Hi guys! If you are living with chronic back pain from Scoliosis, check out my tips on how you can reduce or even eliminate back pain for good. Stretch …


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  1. Love your video, I love your personality! I have mild scoliosis and I have back pain/tightness only on one side of my back and neck. I’m 30 years old and only found out about it a couple years ago. I have a sit down office job and am always in pain. It gets worst towards the end of the week. I’m going to work on my posture and also make sure I get up more often throughout the day. It’s so hard though. Ugh

  2. Although all these stretches can be very useful for people with mild scoliosis if yours in over 30 degrees you really should be going to a doctor and seek some help because it can affect your entire body over time. I have been diagnosed with scoliosis for a while, and it has varied from 30-40 degrees. I have a brace and my doctor tells me that there is no point of doing therapy and stretches because of the condition I am in. Just friendly advice.

  3. I wanted to play softball for school, so I had to get physical and they checked my back and said I had mild scoliosis but even with me having barely any curvature in my back. It still hurts real bad when I lay down, if I sit too long, or even stand too long. My posture is bad but I tend to try and correct.. All these years I had scoliosis and I never knew why I had bad neck and back pains. Im really gonna do all this stretches and exercises just to relieve my back and neck because I hate having pain at random times in the day, its just annoying and im so young and only 13 and I do gymnastics as well which doing those flips my back never ached maybe because I flip and do tricks all time and im gonna get back into that for sure. thanks this really helped

  4. Hi, I'm from Philippines, and personally, I'm a volleyball player, and lately I just found out that i have a mild scoliosis, and just like everyone who have that, it's really killing me from pain every day, I'm just scared if my playing the sport affects it negatively? please someone needs to answer me

  5. I have a 26° curve and it feels like my ribs are being ripped apart

  6. hi I have scoliosis I'm 30 years older. plskindly let me know what kind of exsersice I want to do

  7. Thank you so much for this video☺ it really helped me

  8. great vid JoJo! your yoga yard seems so peaceful! Drop by my channel and sub back if you like it! hope to see more vids from ya.

  9. Great video Joanna, many useful tips ….I think I have to get foam roller.Thanks for your knowledge!

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