Today’s class was a reflective one. Fitting with the way the rain poured down from the sky.  Just had to escape into an inner landscape. Focused on the breath and tried to listen to what my body was saying. A topic I’ve been hearing a lot about lately is “Attention to Intention” which is basically the brain training we talk about at Backhealer.

So, this was where I went – put my intention into flexing my brain muscle. That critical point when the brain wanders from the breath count or visualization. Maybe to the chore that needs to be done later or replaying a worrisome conversation one had earlier. It’s that second of recognition that the mind has wandered and taking it back to the original task. And again if necessary. And again. That is the muscle that gets worked in brain training. Even ”release” can be intentional. Once I have melted my body like butter icing into the floor and through the foundation of the building, I can hold that emptiness for one intentional breath count. That’s the key for me. Wandering off is inevitable. It’s catching it as quickly as possible and training the brain to re-focus where it’s attention and intention lies.

Experts on the subject of “Attention to Intention” (not me!) suggest using a timer to practice in 20 minute increments. Whether while emptying your emailbox, organizing your desk, or doing ballwork –your intention is booked for the next 20 minutes. Karen encouraged us throughout the class to “take a savasana break” between working on sides (left & right, front & back). She said it is an opportunity to reset your body. And a way to stop and recognize any changes from the last savasana. Attention to intention – once again.

This was very helpful to maintaining intention for me – as I quickly scanned the differences between my right and left sides. And then class was over! It just flew by! … and then I had to go outside. (*sigh)


Yvonne – A prairie raised renaissance woman with a passion for expansion. Planning to live to 92, so smack in the middle of things and taking action.


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    1. That is very interesting! Thank you!
      I might blog about this ; )

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