Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt is the role model that all girls need. She partnered with not-for-profit Curvy Girls to raise awareness for scoliosis.


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  1. The fact that this was made a day after my birthday and I have severe scoliosis is so crazy!

  2. Rachel in this video was the curvy girls leader on Rhode Island, until I took on the position. I have gone to three of the curvy girl conventions, and met many of the people in these videos💕💕💕. I am 12 now and was diagnosed when I was six. I had to brace for six years, but I still have to get spinal fusion on July 18. Wish me luck, and ily curvy girls!

  3. I'm 14 and I was diagnosed a couple months back, i have a 37° curve

  4. Miss universe 2018 Catriona Gray has scoliosis too. I'm so inspired. Right now

  5. I was born with scoliosis but luckily I’m not to bad

  6. At my last appointment I was at 13° it’s been about 4 and a half months and I think it’s increased to the point that i might need a brace. If I do have to get one, I’m worried about the cost of it. Does insurance cover some of it? Are they expensive?

  7. My scoliosis isn’t severe but this organization really makes me happy that someone so gorgeous and successful has the same thing it just really gives me inspiration

  8. m scoliosis patient😥😟people makes fun of me

  9. I got diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of eight years old I had the surgery done at the age of 16 the surgery has changed my whole entire life it has made me more confident in myself I love my new body and I feel confident in wearing clothes that I never wore before I used to be self-conscious of showing off my scars as time went on I feel proud of Sean in the world my beauty marks! 💪 my scoliosis degrees was 59 degrees my surgery took 13 hours it was severe scoliosis

  10. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 13. My back became 90 degrees curved and I had to get surgery. This is such an inspiration

  11. It’s crazy how awful scoliosis can be yet how common it is. I’m 14 and was diagnosed when I was 11, I wear a night and day brace and seeing these comments almost everyone has it. We are all in this together.

  12. Ha I don’t wear my brace I’m 15 and my backs getting worse. For me my brace is my worst enemy I hate it with my life

  13. i have scoliosis..my parents didn't give a shit and it hurts constantly..hell maybe i'd be 2 inches taller if my spine was straight and be 5'9 and model like martha oh well

  14. I have scoliosis with two curves not severe enough for surgery but I’m a dancer and having the surgery would mean giving up dance for over a year 😭😭

  15. I have scoliosis! Literally a few days ago I had my first photoshoot more say a scoliosis photoshoot. The foundation is called #iamstraightforword the president of the foundation told me about the curvy girls and I just saw this video I would love to do another photoshoot for scoliosis it is and always have been
    my dream to be a model!

  16. Now girls with scoliosis are what you call curvy😂😂 (don't attack me I have scoliosis 2 I'm not making fun of it)

  17. I have scoliosis and wear a brace every day for the past three years and am now being told I need surgery. This is really inspiring

  18. I've been bullied all through school because of it. They called me camel and would try and touch my back. 😟 I almost quit school and the teachers and principal wouldn't do anything about it. It's nice to finally have understanding. Just wish it would have happened back when I was in school

  19. I have multiple scoliosis and I dont get how this is a big deal. Lets pay attention to people with real issues

  20. I have a curve AND a rotation in my spine

  21. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 8 and know I'm 13 and I already had my surgery

  22. What about guys, where is their organisation?

  23. I have scoliosis and I got diagnosed in the fourth grade because I was sick and they took a x ray of my chest and they saw the first curve and said I had scoliosis and I had to go down to Indianapolis every six months and had to wear a back brace for five years and I got out of my brace last year since my doctor said I was done growing and he said that I am sure that the curve won’t get any worse so I went to physical therapy to get my muscles used to not wearing a back brace and haven’t grown a lot I am currently 4 feet and 11 inches so I am hoping over the summer I grow to be at least 5 feet cause my sister is 12 and she is 5 feet and 5 inches and I am happy with my body so girls who are insecure love your body like I do

  24. I am 31 years and have Scoliosis. From my mid teen's I noticed the change on my body, not knowing exactly what it was I blamed myself, I hated the way I look and hated being in my body especially when it came to being dressed or not being able to wear certain types of clothing because of not wanting to draw attention to my back. Event today, I still trouble with insecurities and low self-esteem because of how certain members of my family and friends called me names, only today I was sitting and resting my head on my desk and a co-worker came from behind and noticed my curved spine and he drew everyone's attention to my back and began to tell me how I was deformed…Emotionally, that took me back ten years but then I had to remind myself that I am grown and should not allow the words of irrelevant persons to get me down. So this is how I fund your page, thank you ladies.

  25. Sadly curvy girls SHUT DOWN my local group , simply becuase the woman running it didn’t send them photos for approval before posting. It’s been so hard not having the support I used to have from other girls who know what I’m going through

  26. I have scoliosis, and for so long thought I was ugly and a freak, but I really want to model when I get older. I am starting to love myself, and Martha is such an inspiraton to me.

  27. I had spine surgery at age 13, almost three years ago. I had a 72% curve and it created a HUGE hump on my back. It was reduced to 15%, not all spines can be made perfectly straight . I still have a “hump” on my right side on my back and people still make fun of me . But scoliosis a part of me and I’m very slowly getting confident with my back . ❤️

    1. 72% to 13% that is wonderful. Hope you feel good on a daily basis. Scoliosis can be so tough. Hang in there

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