Source: This 3D video shows what is Cervical Radiculopathy, how it is caused and what are the symptoms of it. Also find …


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  1. C5/C6 pinch nerve goes towards the finger exactly what i have my finger has been numb now for about 2 months i have been drinking heavily just to forget pain am in so much pain and weakness in my left arm i think am losing the will to live.

  2. Thank you so much for this; I'm getting tests for this condition due to pain, and this video helped explain it really well.

    BTW there is a typo in the text around 2:16; it says "structure" when the audio said "stricture."

  3. T4-T5 -T6 T8-T9 disc bulges pressing thecal sac. My life is a nightmare 3 years now…

  4. This is really helpful video. I am suffering from cervical radioculopathy and now i know what excatly happened to me.

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