When we experience pain, stress, trauma, fear, conflict, etc. the body responds by increasing the hormones adrenalin and cortisol. These hormones increase heart rate, respiration, and muscle tone, among other things. 

This response is called “the fight or flight” mechanism. It is our survival response and is hard wired into every human. Whether the stress/trauma is real or perceived the body responds the same way. The pain/conflict can be physical, emotional or spiritual.

The “fight or flight” mechanism activates when the body gets injured or perceives injury. The muscles and tendons contract around the injured area to protect the body from being injured more. If the injury subsides then this “fight or flight” mechanism will subside. If the injury persists the brain will pattern this “fight or flight “ response into its automatic responses and will result in long-term contraction and inflammation of the affected area.

If pain persists for a long period of time surrounding muscles and joints will also loose mobility as they respond to their tightened neighbors.

As muscle tissue contracts a chemical reaction in the cell takes place leaving behind metabolic waste. This chemical waste is called lactic acid. When a cell becomes too acidic its function of waste removal (as well as all other cell functions) becomes impaired. If you have ever experienced lactic acid buildup from intense exercise you will know the pain this acidity creates.

Most pain we feel is lactic acid buildup in the muscle cells. As contraction and lactic acid buildup become chronic so pain becomes chronic.

With contraction comes reduced space and increased density. When this happens flow blood, lymph, and nervous flow are impaired. Blood vessels are packed more tightly together and have difficulty moving blood thus increasing blood pressure. Thus the ability to bring in fresh blood and nutrients is also impaired.

Nerve tissue also gets squeezed diminishing the flow of energy and information to and from the affected areas. Without this correct information and nutrition the body cannot heal itself efficiently and many times will not at all.

The Backhealer seeks to release and rewire these contacted tissues and muscles to restore healthy flow to all tissues.

The Backhealer accomplishes this by activating the breath into areas stimulated by the Backhealer ball. This increased breath removes the wastes products and brings healing oxygen. Movement is then applied to the supple tissues to rewire the small brain with pain-free movement patterns.


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