This is a short routine if you suffer from scoliosis. Focus on lengthening the spine and both sides of your back evenly. Breathe deeply while you are stretching …


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  1. Fityogamermaid,
    I'm returning to yoga and was very excited to find your scoliosis routine (as I also suffer from this condition).
    You make the poses seem so easy; and you may have posted this video — believing that yoga stretches/twists to lengthen the spine should make EVEN MORE sense for scoliotic deformities. And while there is some truth in your approach (e.g., #DownwardFacingDog), any bona fide therapeutic yoga instructor (and credible scoliosis specialist), will all attest to the fact that this asymmetrical (and often tortuous) condition is not conducive to a one-size-fits-all approach. BEFORE a scoliosis sufferer begins any routine (including yoga) for scoliosis, (s)he MUST know his/her scoliosis classification (structural/functional) and type of curve so that (s)he will know HOW to modify the exercise for his/her specific curvature. Without knowing more about the deviation, one could actually be worsening his/her condition. For instance, I heard nothing in your video about breathing into spaces, lung capacity, atrophy, intercostals, protrusions, etc. — all common identifiers within this community.
    I believe that your video could stand alone as a general back wellness and/or spine-lengthening sequence. You don’t need the “scoliosis” label to market this video, and I hope that you will seriously consider renaming (and retagging) it — or removing this video altogether, as it is VERY irresponsible to offer this potentially harmful routine to a community of individuals with already-compromised skeletal systems.
    For the scoliotic-deviated spine, any prescribed pose/maneuver is very dependent upon the location and severity of the curvature(s).

  2. Doctors in India have proved that yoga is absolutely useless for anything.

  3. GREAT may be next time you can go slower to help newbies keep up with you.. 🙂

  4. por favor pongan los ejercicios en español, tengo escoliosis por mala postura me duele mucho y necesito ejercicios moderados

  5. i have dextroscoliosis
    i think i should do this

  6. Thank you, quick and simple, will get the breathing down with some practice.  My spine popped with the 'crossed leg' while laying on the floor moving side to side.  My hip has been giving me problems (scoliosis related) – thanks for taking the time to help those of us afflicted.

  7. I enjoy stretching and this felt good. However, it was difficult to hear clearly, your voice echoed and sound muffled.

  8. This is probably fine for my mild scoliosis but not safe for people with severe scoliosis. Listen to your physio, doctor etc not this lady especially if she's saying do twists and plow…

  9. i cant do any of the ones sitting on the floor, my back is majorly curved forward and is very hard to keep a straight back…

  10. Please show one example of your student who has scoliosis over 45 degree and yoga helped her to reduce the curve magnitude please make a command that yoga only improves muscle tone and mobilise the joint and only may reduce pain

  11. Is spine twisting safe for those who have scoliosis? My physiotherapist absolutely forbade me back twisting.

  12. And how is that different from classic yoga? I've seen nothing new….

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