For patients with focal spinal degeneration, surgery is an intimidating prospect. Significant pain and blood loss, as well as hospitalization for three to four days, …


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  1. I have major spinal problems and i'm wondering how much longer I can live like this before I end my own life

  2. any one suffers from back pain sciatica or disks problms contact me i have the solution
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  3. The operative infection rate should be zero. Anything more reflects poor aseptic technique.

  4. i have been living with back pain now for over 6 years , i am only 28 years old and my whole twenties have been ruined coz of it , i have been on every single pain killer, have done radio fequancy have had countless steroid injections and nothing still living in pain, i have made the decision to have back surgery, i want to get off these pain killers, i dont feel myself anymore i am not the peter i used to be, i really hope work cover makes it easy for me and approves this surgery so i can get back to a normal life , i really want to 🙁

  5. To many JERK surgeons out there.Theres no care BEFORE and after surgery. They do the surgery and don't know about anything else.They don't look at the body itself to see if something else is going ok.There evaluations are outdated.They spend more time on the computer then exactly seeing what's wrong.There are very few Doctors that care. I get the ones that mommy and daddy said be a doctor WHEN THEY REALLY SHOULD BE FLIPPING BURGERS.

  6. My orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jack Seaquist referred me to Pain Management when I asked him to fix my back. He stopped during back surgeries because his percentage of satisfied patients was so much lower than that of knee and hip and shoulder surgery. I have actually never one person who says they are glad they had back surgery. But I have met many who are on their 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, even 7th surgeries each one is an attempt to fix what went wrong in the previous surgery. I'm on my second spinal cord stimulator because the batteries stop working after 4-5 years. The worse thing now is that Pain Management gives me such a low dose of pain medication it's hardly worth the drive to see them anymore. I've spent 5 years in rehab from various knee, hip, shoulder and thumb joint surgeries. I am still ambulatory thanks to Jack Seaquist. I will never get back surgery because I've seen the results. Our next door neighbor had spinal Fusion 4 months that failed one month later. She is now in tremendous pain and regrets having done it.

  7. Wasnt spinal fusion shown to be ineffective when it comes to pain outcomes?

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