The Backhealer Method is a simple and effective self-care method that personalizes the ancient therapeutic practices of breathing, massage, and movement to stimulate the body's innate healing response to back pain. 


Backhealer was designed by Steve Butler.







In the fall of 2007 Steve started a new program; a 1 hour yoga based therapy ball session designed to activate, amplify, and attune your body’s healing power. A session designed for spinal and total body healing. Participants used  hand made  ( by Steve) massage ball, deep breathing and specialized yoga postures. 


Steve was a personal training at this time with 20 years experience in exercise and fitness. 


He created the Backhealer for people like himself – for his current and future clients. For people who had chronic pain. A method everyone could do at home, anywhere.  It had to be cost effective and relieve all sorts of aches and pains of the body.  It had to be simple and effective. The motto was “If you can get on the floor you can do the Backhealer”.


Backhealer 2020 has evolved to our present online experience from the Backhealer studio in Vancouver BC, Canada. From only 6 participants per class to now unlimited potential to help more people with chronic back pain.



Steve’s story


Steve was born with a congenital birth defects in the areas of C7, T8,T12, and L5/S1 (lower lumbar and sacrum) and a reverse curve and his neck He also had a mid back scoliosis.  His discs had already degenerated and narrowed so severely that they were comparable to that of a 90 year old man.  Steve’s father and sister also had similar defects and both attempted surgery to fuse these joints together - neither surgery was successful.



Personal journey


At 7 years old started experiencing severe neck pain, black outs, and migraines.


At 9 years old Steve's mom; Karen, would drive one hour (both ways) too see a chiropractor because there was no chiropractors in theie hometown.The chiropractor stated that Steve may get paralyzed if he continued to play hockey and got hit the wrong way. He said Steve had the spine of a 90 year old man.


At 12 years old he started experiencing low back pain especially when playing hockey.


At 13 years  Steve quit playing hockey but only for one year. Started again but was in a great deal of pain. 


It was at the age of 14 Steve started to take his healing seriously. He bought a Weider weight set and started weight training to strengthen his  body.


Started fasting and removing all sugar and bad food from his diet mostly to eliminat ehis severe acne.


Started to learn to use herbs for healing.


14 - 22 years old - intense physical training for hockey and general fitness.


22 years old – stopped all competive sports – no hockey at all – went out tree planting for the summer and spent everyday in severe pain and could not continue.


23 years old is when Steve experienced his first incidence of not being able to walk for extended periods – these bouts of not walking lasted for weeks/month. These non walking incidences numbered approximately 30 times until he started Backhealer in his 40s.


At 28 years old –Steve's headaches became so bad he could not stand it anymore. He purchased a dowel (small piece of wood which I rounded the edges off) and a Gray’s Anatomy book. Steve spent the next 6 months for 2 hours per night pushing the dowel into any painful areas of my neck. This healed his neck. Headaches, migraines, or blackouts vanished.


Steve's heavy weight training started at 29 years old. Strength and muscle size increased dramatically, But pain remained and even increased.


30 – 35 years old Steve's low back pain was unbearable. It grew worse as he sat daily running Basic Elements. Steve even though all he had done saw no resolution is sight and started becoming sedentary and gaining weight.


At 35 years old Steve started Bikrams yoga at the urging of a friend . Practiced everyday for 2 years and 5 times per week for the next 6 years. The daily practice of Yoga was a tremendous tool in the development of Backheler method.


The yoga wasn't enough to release Steve's chronically tightened patterned muscles. He then studied myofascial release. Many methods. Many self-care tools. Many balls, rollers, etc. 


Even the myofascial release wasn't enough. The pattern stil came back. He then studied breathing and the nervous system and came upon pranayama.


And there is was the Backheaker method. Breathe, myofascial release, movement.




Education/Employment journey


Exercise and Fitness


Current Studies

Master Personal Trainer, International Sports Science association (ISSA)

Exercise Specialist, ISSA


1999 - present Certified Fitness Trainer, ISSA

1999-2007 Owner of Butlerbody. A personal training company


1999/2000 Judge, FemSport

2003/2004 Judge, World Natural Sports Organisation (WNSO) Fame 


1988- 1991 Asst. Manager, Fitness World



1999 – 2009 Specialist and Performance Nutrition, (ISSA)


Certified in Yoga for Personal Trainers


1997 – 2005 President, Basic Elements

Basic Elements is a brokerage and distribution company selling health products to small and large retailers throughout Canada.