How to read an MRI of the lumbar spine for herniated discs In this video I show you the basic anatomy of the lumbar spine and what …


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  1. That’s just great! Haven’t had the results given to me yet but based on looking at the pictures on the disc they gave me I can clearly see at least 2 discs that are exhibiting those appearances. I’m only 18 as well.

  2. thank you for this video. helped alot until i hear back from my doctor

  3. Hi, doc, I just saw your video, I had a mir. and the doc want to give me a epidural shot to the l,5 disc, for pinch nerve, what can help better than that, shot.

  4. From my limited research, it would appear that the L4 and L5, especially the L5 are typically the most problematic. Makes sense to me because the L5 rests atop the sacrum and has a lot of weight on it and also a stressful pivot point. I had an MRI today , took about a half hour. I had to keep still, but my sciatica hurt sooo bad I didn't think I would make it it. But, I did. I can't imagine living the rest of my life with this pain. Darn.

  5. Just had an MRI done on my lumbar spine. Waiting to hear what the radiologists have to say LOL

  6. What causes degeneration of the disc? I have prolapse of L3-4 and L4-5

  7. Layman here, but totally understands what you were saying there. Such clear explanation. Lucky those who get to learn from you! Thank you. May God bless you.

  8. Hi, i got my MRI result today. It says L5/S1 size 5.5mm. I have a light backache now. Any recommendations doctor? Thanks.

  9. I have a compressed disc on my lower back i being trying to get better but i still have pain after 4 months. Am really desperate right now I want my health back does it really takes too long to get better?

  10. Doctor please advise me something I am 34 yrs old from India suffering from mid back discomfort with mild stiffness and pain

    My MRI reports says

    1)there is schmorls node in D7 inferior end plate,marginated with marrow edema

    2)disc degeneration with posterior protrution of disc at D8/9 level causing indentation on card there is subtle increased T2 signal in card at this level

    3)saggital T2W screening of cervical spine shows mild posterior disc osteophyte complex to left at C5/6 level.lumbar spine shows sacralisation of L5.there is lumbar disc degeneration with posterior protrusion of disc at L4/5 level causing canal,neural foraminal narrowing

    4)coronal STIR screening of both SI joints shows no abnormalities

  11. I have a fully formed L6 (not even an L6S1, it is a separate L6 and not a part of S1) along with my severe foraminal stenosis and facet arthropy. I am barely able to walk, but am scared for surgery and also having trouble finding someone who would be good. Should I just go to Mayo? (I am in the midwest). My other question now is, would I need fusion (as well as laminectomy and diskectomy for bulging discs) since I have a L6, or not necessarily? I was told my L6 likely caused instability over the years, but I don't know if that means they will automatically fuse it as well?

  12. i have thecal sac indentation and mild neural foraminal narrowing at l4-5,
    neural foraminal narrowing at l5-s1
    due to abutting disc and facet hypertrophy.
    i want to know the meaning of this.

  13. Sir can I share my MRI reports with you and get your professional opinion on my MRI REPORT.

  14. Hi, I was diagnosed with two herniated discs (L4-5 and L5-S1) with impingement of sciatic nerve. I suffer from acute sciatica on left leg. I’ve also been diagnosed with spinal stenosis. It’s been several months now, i feel better since my original diagnosis (12-20-2017), but I feel like I’ve hit a plateau. I encountered your video by chance, and now I fully understand what’s happening to me. Thank you! I’m under continuous pain, can walk, seat, stand for long. I’m exhausted constantly. I find my mind in a constant fog, can concentrate too much, but reflexes are still intact. The physical medicine doctor told me she’s surprised I didn’t have any spinal deformity because of severe condition. Here lies my question: with condition above, how likely is it that I can have some sort of misalignment/curvature on my spine? Is surgery the best approach here?

  15. Dr can you tell in simple words what my mri report says?
    MRI report :
    1. L4-5 disc is desiccated. It reveals small broad-based posterior protrusion with slight inferior migration. The disc indents thecal sac and abuts bilateral L5 nerve roots.

    2. L5-S1 disc shows diffuse posterior bulge indenting anterior epidural fat.

    3. There is loss of normal lumbar lordosis. The alignment of the vertebrae is normal.

    Ortho said I have slipped disc as I have lower back pain which travels to left thigh. But after medication (no painkillers) and 10 sessions of Physiotherapy pain has reduced significantly. Physiotherapist gave exercise to do daily.

  16. I been to several dr’s I have neurofibromatosis I have not been able to walk for 3 years the doctors told me yesterday I have a widening in my lower back with spinal fluid on l 2’3’4 and s1 that’s where it’s effecting I’m in constant pain 24/7 is there a name for this condition and is there a cure what can I do to help it? The Drs already mentioned no surgery.

  17. The best well explain Reading an MRI video I have found on here. Thanks for sharing with us . Blessings flow your way.

  18. Hi does herniated disc/bulging disc on the affected area (left) cause radiating slight pain at the side of the abdominal ? Thank you

  19. I have L4-L5and L5-S1 mild disk bulge.. Doctor told me to take rest and to do some exercise and give me some medicine … Bt day by day the pain is increasing… and I can't sit or stand for 10minutes..what should I do? Plz ans me…I'm suffering from last 1and 1/2yr..plz… Give me some suggestion..

  20. Hi sir i am suffering from back pain b coz of l4 and l5 disc displacement.if i stand long time or walk I feel pain in back and in left leg and i also feel pain in right hip.please help me .

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