This video visually demonstrates the process of rib humping, to help you visualize your own spine and scoliosis.


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  1. Doc can I talk to you somehow I had a fusion and I have a bad rib flare on one side I think I broke it as a kid my bike handle bar speared me so I always had a bad dent and you can feel the flare but It got worse since I had my l4 and l5 fusion can I send you pics and get advice please I want to try to fix it. I do notice when I lift weights one shoulder is up and ones down mines in the front only not the back it's causing pressure in the front time to time

  2. Can a rib hump be reversed ? In the class for scoliosis do provide exercises to correct a rib hump?

  3. I have a rib hump on my right side but my chest arm and leg are bigger on my right side?

  4. Can a mild form of this be caused by an injury to the ribs on one side? I seriously broke my ribs while pregnant. I then had a c-section. It took more than a year for my ribs to heal.

  5. No wonder my left ribs stick out, my right chest is significantly bigger, left shoulder is higher and i have scapular winging on my left side. Thanks for the info!

  6. I have a weird thing with my ribs where the points of them point out of my chest and it kind of looks like breast on a woman.

  7. Hi! I've had this problem since I was around 12 years old, I also started going to the chiropractor when I was 13 because I had the combination of kyphosis and scoliosis. When I was 16 my spine was pretty much straight and the chiropractor said that from now on I should do the exercises and play sports. But I'm 22 now and that rib hump still persists, which is pretty annoying and is really visible when I bend down or stretch forward. It also makes it uncomfortable to sit on pretty much any chair. So my question to you is can I still do the exercises that will reduce this hump and or are there any, or is it too late for me?


  8. I've consulted a spine surgeon and he said the same, and he also added that surgery is the only way forward for posture correction. Do you think it is possible to reduce the hump by physiotherapy or any other exercises?

  9. Hi Paula. I am a 15 year old boy with scoliosis and I have this huge hump on the right side of my back right under my scapular blade (just as explained in your video) and that causes my right wing to pop out wich also makes my right shoulder pop forward. Is there a way to reduce this hump? I have had it pretty much my whole life and It’s just getting worse.

    Thanks in advance

  10. I have had at least two X rays since I was 13 years old (nearly 30 years ago) and neither doctor referred to my curve as “atypical” or the like. Anyhow, the right shoulder blade drop seems to produce a corresponding right twist. It is this right twist that make the front left rib cage more prominent and the right rear rib cage more prominent. If the right shoulder blade drop produced a left twist (as stated in the video), then the right front rib cage would be prominent. The opposite appears to be the case.

  11. My left rib cage sticks out more than my right and I watched this, corrected my posture to account for the curving and rotation and voila! My ribs are EVEN!

  12. I got a moderate kyphosis and scoliosis; i got humps on both sides… what should i do??

  13. I think you have it quite backward (at least for me). Before I make a hasty conclusion, I have one clarifying question; if you have a right bend (left thoracic curve with a low and prominent right shoulder blade ), which side of the FRONT rib cage is most prominent?

  14. FINALLY FOUND THE STUPID NAME OF WHAT I HAVE UGH! thank you!!!! I went to a chiro for a year, then stopped. Always wondered why my back ribs stuck out so much and this explains it. Thank you!

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